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Wix Velo Code and Global Payment API Integration

Integrating Wix with Firebase

WhatsApp Integration into Wix

Search filter for CMS in Wix

Dropshipping in Wix

Postcode checker finder UK in Wix

Royal Mail Integration into Wix

Mondial Relay integration into Wix

Scroll Snap or Section animation in Wix

Lazy Load for Repeaters in Wix

Related Items in Wix Store

Wishlist in Wix Store

Highest Rated Products in Wix Store

Product Reviews in Wix Store

Bulk Add to Cart in Wix Store

Upsell Products with Wix Store

Minimum Order Total for Shipping in Wix Store

Wix DocuSign

SSO Integration into Wix

Stripe Connect integration into Wix

Document Exchange in Wix

CardStream Integration on WIX

Interactive Map in Wix

Custom Wix Audio Player

Capsule in Wix

Vouchers in Wix

Chat embed in Wix

Custom dashboards in Wix

Wix Dome

Wix Sabadell

Pre-order system in WIX

Advanced Wix Blog and News with Velo

Advanced Wix Bookings with Velo

Monthly or Yearly price switcher in Wix Pricing Plans

Advanced Wix Store with Velo

API integration into Wix Website

Ordering system synchronised with Google Calendar in Wix

External databases in Wix

Wix and Google Sheets

Advanced Filters for your Wix website CMS

PDF File Generating in Wix

2FA SMS Twilio in Wix

Automatic newsletter from Wix database in Wix

Accept payment in different currencies in Wix

Ordering system limited by exact map range in Wix

Wix and eShipper

Wix DHL Integration

Wix VivaWallet Integration

Wix SendGrid

Stripe API Integration into Wix

Creation of marketplaces in Wix

Custom product configurator in Wix

Custom subscription system in Wix

Instant Quote Calculator in Wix

Custom email notification in Wix

Different price for different users in Wix Shop

Custom My Account area in Wix

Integration with payment systems in Wix

Delivery and Fullfilment systems in Wix

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Customers’ expectations change as technology advances, so those with an outdated website could find they are losing traffic and could even be ranking lower in relevant search results.

By using Velo Code, our Wix developers can create a more enriching and immersive user experience by creating forms that flow seamlessly and allow for proactive communication by sending an email using dynamically filled values.


While Wix offers flexibility, it does have some limitations when it comes to creating dynamic pages and unique experiences. Custom JavaScript can transform your website by enabling individual interactions and dynamic content.

Furthermore, optimizing your JavaScript code can significantly reduce loading times, resulting in improved SEO performance and an overall smoother user experience.


Although there are already methods of adding third-party applications to a Wix website, the Velo code gives businesses more options regarding handling the responses. The integrations can also be implemented directly into the website and designed to allow for ease of use.

You can learn more from our Wix developers.


The route to a successful website can depend on the business’s goals, but there are many situations in which a test site can be effective.

However, creating a test is not always available with website builders. Website owners can use Wix Velo to create a test site and tracking tool that allows businesses to finetune their website before promoting it to other users.

Team of professional web designers

Professional website development with Wix. Fully responsive website design. Unique design to promote your brand.

SEO Website Optimization

Professional approach to setting organic SEO Wizard and extensive experience in full site optimization.

Redesign your site

The team of professional wix web designers is always ready to upgrade your site and bring it to a modern level in Wix Editor X.

Website testing

We conduct detailed quality assurance testing to identify fixes. This enables the ready-made site to immediately generate business from day 1.

Integration of additional functionality

The development team will create and implement any functionality on your site using Wix Velo Code, Javascript.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to create a website that will grow your business.

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Davydov Consulting provides Wix Velo development services such as third-party API integration, external database connection, advanced Wix store, payment systems integration, etc.