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Advanced filters

Develop an adaptive / responsive filter for a large database in several languages that perfors a search in a large database with the subsequent display of information on the site

Creation of trading marketplaces and freelance exchanges

Development of the full functionality of a trading platform on the wix platform for the sale of goods from one site memebr to another

Custom "my account" area

Developing a new area for my account with a custom registration process completely independent of Wix account.

Custom product configurator

Development of custom product builder for site users with the flexible additional parameters database and price changing based on choices

Custom subscribtion system

Develop a customizable subscription system without use of pricing plan. Ability of the site visitor to browse and edit their subscriptions and service provided


Integration of DHL into the Wix Store, sending confirmed and paid orders to DHL with receiving a label and tracking code in return, sending it to the client by email and saving it to my account

Integration with logistics delivery services (DHL. UPS, etc)

Integration of Wix Store with popular delivery services by sending information about the customer's order and generating a ready-made label for shipment.

Integration with payment systems

Integrating into wix non-natively supported system for accepting online payments in Wix site

Layout of custom email notification

Create a template using HTML and CSS to dynamically load a product for a newsletter. The template had to be responsive and cross-browser


Configuring sendgrid integration for sending emails via api

Service cost calculator

On the Wix site, you need to create a calculator to calculate the price depending on the parameters entered by the user

Show different product prices to different groups of users

Functionality that shows different prices for different users.