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SendGrid API Integration in Wix

Wix SendGrid

Velo Code Solution

SendGrid allows you to create more advanced emails as the possibility of HTML + CSS appears. Advanced editing features let you create custom emails and add files.

Also, in order to send a letter, you do not need to create a contact on the site, which greatly simplifies this process.

A significant advantage is also the ability to quickly and easily send the same letter to different recipients. The main advantage of such emails is that the content in them can be dynamic and will not be tied to a certain number of things. For example, when sending advertisements for popular products, you can send three products in one email or 10, you don’t need to create additional templates for this.

Wix Sendgrid Integration Benefits

Benefits you get when using Wix SendGrid

  • Flexible customization of the appearance of letters.

  • Ability to attach PDF files.

  • Ability to send calendar files.

  • Ability to send documents.

  • Ability to create dynamic content for emails.


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