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WordPress was created in 2003 and has undergone a series of changes over the years. Although an easier way of website building, many can still find WordPress web design in the UK complicated. In some instances, people are used to one interface, only to find an update has changed the experience.

In other instances, people are fearful that their website isn’t as secure as it should be. Davydov Consulting offers WordPress web design all over the UK, including Portsmouth, Nottingham, London, and Manchester.

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WordPress Development Services


When enlisting the expertise of Davydov Consulting, you are not limited to WordPress web design packages but a bespoke service that can cater for every requirement of your WordPress website, including e-commerce.

Those wanting to leverage the power of their website for online sales without moving the platform can do so, thanks to the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.

As Davydov Consulting has several years of experience creating and optimising e-commerce sites, customers can be confident of a great looking website that shows in search engines.

Website Development

One of the reasons the WordPress platform is popular is because of how flexible it is. However, those who don’t have experience with websites may be unsure what design to use when considering WordPress website design and development.

Davydov Consulting works with all clients on a one-to-one basis to discuss their online needs and ensure the website development is centred on their requirements.


Although setting up a WordPress website is straightforward, ensuring it looks its best and performs as it should is time-consuming, especially if you’re new to the WordPress platform. Davydov Consulting is a collection of creative and professional minds that ensure that customers are getting the best from their website in every instance.

Not only will the site be easy to navigate, but all the relevant information customers and clients need can be found easily, regardless of whether they’re using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


There are several stages of website development that ensure your online goals are met with ease. Davydov Consulting clarifies the options available and can offer professional advice regarding your custom WordPress website.

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The business industry is the starting point for all forms of website design. This will give the website designer a better idea of your services and ascertain customer expectations.


Given how different websites can be, the budget can vary. Davydov Consulting understands how confusing and overwhelming the concept of web design can be. It works with all clients to ensure that they are fully aware of the cost of the website and what services can be provided for the budget available.

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Will the Website Require Additional Features?

Although some may want a straightforward website, others may want to take advantage of additional features. The options are limitless but can include AI chat, live chat, online forms, and event calendars.

Davydov Consulting will discuss what options are available that will enhance the user experience and give advice on features that may hinder users.

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Make Plans for Search Engine Optimisation

Regardless of what web builder is using, search engine optimisation is a must. Much like the aesthetics of a website, the optimisation of a website can depend on the goals of the business.

Although there is a lot of SEO advice available online, a lot of it can be conflicting. Davydov Consulting can provide SEO in addition to website design and ensure that you’re fully prepared for online success. 


WordPress is a website builder that can be used for free on the WordPress platform or self-hosting using open-source software.


The free version of WordPress is minimal and is not a good fit for business. However, a self-hosted WordPress allows for flexibility regarding its design and the features it can use. This makes WordPress an affordable and efficient solution for businesses.


WordPress is perfect for SEO. Several plugins are available that make optimising posts straightforward, and there are even plugins that can generate meta tags for pictures. However, to harness the full SEO potential, a business will find employing the services of a seasoned professional a worthwhile investment.

How to Make a WordPress Website in London?

Although an online search will yield many results for website designers, many will be searching for professional services located in London. Davydov Consulting can offer a wide range of web development and SEO services in London, providing businesses with everything they need to get recognized online.

While business owners can create their own WordPress website in London, many will find the time needed takes away focus from the rest of the business. As such, many will find that enlisting the service of a professional is a more cost-affordable option that can yield results in a quicker time frame.

How to Design a Webpage Using WordPress?

WordPress is popular as it allows users to create websites using templates and themes. Further alternations can be made via plugins. Whether you want to create a contact form or e-commerce store, a plugin will often be available. Those wanting a bespoke design will need to be proficient in coding or a professional web developer.

If you currently use WordPress but cannot obtain the design you want, then why not contact Davydov Consulting to discuss your requirements in more detail?

How Much Does WordPress Website Design Cost?

One of the most asked questions regarding website design in London is how much it costs. There are several factors to consider regarding website design cost, including the size of the website and the SEO that needs to be undertaken.

Fortunately, those who use Davydov Consulting for their WordPress website design can be confident they’re never paying more than they need to.