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Wix Editor X Developers:

We Create Advanced Wix Websites

Davydov Consulting is a Wix partner that has used the cloud-hosted web design platform to create websites for clients for several years. In addition to professional website design using Wix, Davydov Consulting also uses tools like Velo and Editor X to enrich and improve the web design process.

Create a New Wix Site with Editor X

Although some people will want to transfer an existing website to Wix, others will want some assistance with the design. Davydov Consulting can create professional websites that offer an excellent user experience at an affordable price.

However, when taking advantage of Wix Editor X, those wanting to create a website can take their design ideas to the next level, thanks to the additional features available.

Editor X is frequently used by Davydov Consulting when carrying out website design and allows businesses to benefit from a website that, although built from scratch, can contend with the competition and embrace customers from a broader demographic.

Add Custom Code Features in Editor X

Wix allows people to create a new website with a few clicks. Although the website will look professional, it may not be optimized to its full potential.

There could also be some issues with the user experience. The addition of custom code allows for more freedom when working with Wix and can create a professional website with additional features with ease


Transfer Wix Site to Editor X

Davydov Consultancy is a Wix partner, so it can contend with all forms of website design using Wix, even in instances when a website update is required. 

Those wanting to take advantage of affordable but advanced Wix website design can transfer their website to Editor X and take advantage of professional tools that allow for custom interactions, modular layouts, and seamless text scaling.

Is Editor X Part of Wix?

Editor X is a part of Wix but offers more flexibility than the conventional Wix dashboard. Whereas the traditional Wix dashboard provides a simple drag and drop interface, Editor X allows for multiple roles undertaken by agencies and designers that allow for a tailored design.

The conventional Wix dashboard is perfect for those creating websites for the first time. However, those wanting to improve their design and optimization will find that Editor X provides more flexibility.

Editor X Pricing?

The cost of Editor X can vary and will often cost more than conventional Wix subscriptions. There can also be the need to employ the services of a professional. However, both will yield beneficial results for the business, often meaning that both costs are considered investments.

Although anyone can use Editor X, there is a learning curve involved. In most instances, a business with many tasks to contend with will find outsourcing the job is more cost-effective. 

Davydov Consulting can provide a tailored web development service that includes the use of tools like Editor X. 

Can You Transfer a Wix Site to Editor X?

Those wishing to take advantage of Editor X can quickly transfer their website from the Wix dashboard, including any apps the website uses. To carry out a website transfer, users must ensure that any current work on the live site has been saved. 

After saving any updates, the user must click My Sites followed by Site Actions. After choosing the Rebuild on Editor X options, users need to review the elements that will be transferred and click Transfer Now. 

Is Editor X Better Than Wix?

 Editor X can offer more flexibility than Wix but can be more complicated compared to the ease of use provided by the latter.

Each client has specific requirements, and knowing which option to choose can be overwhelming in some instances. Fortunately, enlisting the services of a seasoned professional like Davydov Consulting ensures that you find the right fit for your business requirements in every instance.

What is the Difference Between Wix and Editor X?

Wix is a cloud-based website builder that is perfect for those wanting to create their website, but there can be limitations if more than one person is working on the website.

Editor X allows multiple permissions to be set, allowing for a more streamlined design process. However, Editor X can require more experience, so those wanting the best results will often need to employ the services of a professional.




Adaptation to different screens

Screen sizes are defined by the points at which the design adjusts so that visitors always see the best version of your site from any device.



Custom breakpoints

You yourself control the adaptation, at what width the desktop, tablet and mobile version of the site will be displayed.



Multiple users can work in parallel

Real-time collaboration that allows users to work on the same site at the same time.




Tables can display the contents of a database collection on a dynamic list page or on a regular page.




Sequential pagination, which is mainly placed at the top or bottom of the pages of the site.



Vertical/horizontal scroll container

The content of the container information scrolls in the vertical or horizontal direction.



Grid layouting

You can choose the number of rows and columns your composition requires, and adjust their size in many different measurements.



Element Anchor Points (Docking)

Docking determines the vertical and horizontal position of elements within the page section, container or grid cell when the screen is resized.



Stack & scale

Stack puts your elements in a container that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes.



Text scale

When formatting a text element, you can make it responsive to different screen sizes by applying the Scale Text option.