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BRAND BOOK: Creation of identity

A unique corporate identity for your business that increases value and attracts an army of fans of your brand in the market.


The development of a brand book allows you to systematize and structure information about the company. Helps to form a holistic brand image and improve the efficiency of marketing processes.

building a brand book Lonon

Who might need to create a brand book?

Brands of different segments have systematic differences in the structural content of the brand book. The brand book of the region or the brand book of national projects will differ from the brand book of the store, since the branding of the territory and the retail space pursue different goals.

​Company brand book

Company brand book

The corporate brand book forms the company's image in the eyes of users, customers and employees. The main focus will be on the logo, recommendations for integrating visual identity into the space and a block of business documentation with a full list of required stock media.


The brand book of internal projects primarily regulates the observance of a single visual style when creating information materials. These materials can relate to the implementation of projects and be posted on sites. The main emphasis in the brand book of internal projects is placed on the communication strategy.

​Brand book of national projects

Brand book of national projects

The brand book of national projects primarily regulates the observance of a single visual style when creating information materials. These materials can relate to the implementation of projects and be posted on sites. The main emphasis in the brand book of national projects is placed on the communication strategy.


The main task of the region's brand book is to create an image of the territory that is attractive for investment. Such an image can be created only under the condition of the integrity of the corporate identity, and therefore the brand book should describe in as much detail the features and rules for using visual constants.

​Bank brand book
​Store brand book

Bank brand book

The banking segment is characterized by a high customer focus, so every contact with a consumer should leave a positive impression. Interior solutions, the appearance of employees, the design of information materials, ATMs and cards - everything must correspond to the positioning and corporate identity constants in order to ensure the influx of new customers.

Store brand book

Visual merchandising of the store is of great importance - zoning and customer map, multi-level navigation in the sales area, suspended structures, price tags, communication messages, sale companies. The store's brand book will feature a detailed section with architectural features, interior design and navigation.

Developing a brand book as a complete brand management guide is essential in a competitive market for a high level of identification. For visual codes and identity to work effectively, you need to maintain integrity and consistency.


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What is a Brand Book?

A brand book is an overview of the core values of the business and its goals. The contents of a brand book can vary depending on the industry but essentially includes information that allows a company to create a uniform brand across all platforms.

A brand book can often be considered a guidebook for ensuring the tone and messaging of the brand conform to the brand, as do the fonts and colors used in printed and digital media. If you want to discuss the benefits of the brand book in more detail, then why not contact Davydov Consulting today?

Why Do You Need a Brand Book?

Losing track of the business goals can be easy when building a business. A  brand book ensures that all efforts made within the company are towards the same purpose and allow the business to develop in the future.

Davydov Consulting understands that every business has unique goals, meaning a bespoke approach is needed when creating a brand book. Fortunately, Davydov Consulting has several years of experience in creating brand books that allow businesses to align with their online goals and deliver the right message in every instance.

How to Create a Brand Book?

Several factors must be considered when creating a brand book, depending on the business's goals. Some essential components include the business logo, color schemes, tone of voice, and company ethos. Other additions could include the type of equipment used, the approach to customer service, and how to deal with complaints. 

Knowing what to include in a brand book may seem straightforward at first, but working with a seasoned professional like Davydov Consulting ensures the goals of your business can be realized sooner rather than later.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Brand Book in London?

The creation of a brand book can depend on several factors. For example, some businesses may only target a local audience, while others want to offer products and customers worldwide.