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Wix enterprise 

Davydov Consulting is one of the few companies that provides website development services for Wix Enterprise clients.

Here are some of the benefits of the Wix Enterprise license:

Personalized storage space in Wix Enterprise

Personalized Storage Space: Tailor your storage needs with personalized storage space options

Expert consultation in Wix Enterprise

Expert Consultation: Benefit from expert consultations to maximize the potential of your online presence and platform

Model design best practices in Wix Enterprise

Model Design Best Practices: Learn and apply model design best practices to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your sites

Site performance support in Wix Enterprise

Site Performance Support: Receive dedicated support for optimizing the performance of your site, ensuring fast load times and a smooth user experience

Onboarding and training session for all your teams in Wix Enterprise

Onboarding and Training Sessions: Wix Enterprise provides onboarding and training sessions for all your teams, ensuring everyone can effectively use the platform

Maximizing Protection in Wix Enterprise

Maximizing Protection in Wix Enterprise: This feature ensures top-tier security measures are in place to protect your data and website integrity

Round the clock VIP priority support in Wix Enterprise

24/7 VIP Priority Support: Wix Enterprise users have access to round-the-clock VIP support, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed

Custom SSL in Wix Enterprise

Custom SSL Connection: If needed, Wix Enterprise offers custom SSL connections for enhanced site security

Dashboard for multi-site management in Wix Enterprise

Enterprise Dashboard: Manage multiple sites easily with a unified enterprise dashboard, including custom templates and apps

Scalable Hosting in Wix Enterprise

Scalable Hosting: The platform provides hosting solutions that can easily scale to meet the growing needs of your business, ensuring reliability and performance

Unlimited number of collaborators on the sites in Wix Enterprise

Unlimited Collaborators: Wix Enterprise allows an unlimited number of collaborators to work on your platform and sites, facilitating teamwork and project management

SEO consultation in Wix Enterprise

SEO Consultation: Improve your site’s visibility with specialized SEO consultations, helping your site rank higher in search results


Wix Enterprise is a high-end platform offering from Wix, tailored for large-scale businesses and organizations that require advanced and customized web solutions. It's designed to provide a powerful and flexible infrastructure for web development, coupled with dedicated support and professional services. Wix Enterprise aims to cater to the unique needs of each business, providing an extensive range of features including custom design capabilities, advanced security options, and in-depth analytics.


The pricing for Wix Enterprise is not typically listed as a flat rate due to the bespoke nature of the service. It is designed to meet the specific needs of each business, which means the cost can vary widely based on factors such as design complexity, integration needs, support requirements, and additional services. Give a rough idea, enterprise solutions from such platforms may range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the scope of services.


Wix Enterprise is most appropriate for mid-sized to large businesses, enterprises, and organizations that require a robust online presence with custom features that go beyond the standard offerings of typical website builders. This includes businesses needing unique design elements, integrations with existing systems, high-level security compliance (like PCI DSS for payment processing), and dedicated support. It's ideal for companies that expect high traffic volumes, need to manage large-scale ecommerce operations, or require specialized functionality that is not available through standard Wix subscriptions.

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Leveraging Wix Enterprise for Digital Excellence

Leveraging Wix Enterprise for Digital Excellence with Davydov Consulting

In today’s digital-first world, where the barrier between online and offline business is increasingly blurred, Wix Enterprise emerges as a powerful solution for those seeking to elevate their online presence. Davydov Consulting, as a leader in custom wix website development and digital strategy, harnesses Wix Enterprise to create, scale, and maintain high-impact websites tailored to meet the intricate needs of businesses poised for growth and multilocation.

The Strategic Edge in Wix Enterprise Development

When it comes to crafting an enterprise-level online platform, the stakes are high. Businesses need a robust, scalable, and secure website that not only performs flawlessly but also reflects the company's brand and ethos. Davydov Consulting’s strategic edge lies in its ability to merge the versatile features of Wix with a deep understanding of enterprise needs, delivering custom solutions that are both innovative and reliable.

Custom-Tailored Website Solutions for Enterprises

Recognizing the unique challenges and objectives each enterprise faces, Davydov Consulting places a premium on developing bespoke website solutions. Each project begins with an in-depth analysis of the client's business model, target audience, and competitive landscape. This meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the Wix-powered site, from user interface design to backend functionality, is custom-tailored to serve the business's specific goals.

The Strategic Edge in Wix Enterprise
Custom-Tailored Website Solutions

Advanced Features and Functionality

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Wix, Davydov Consulting integrates a range of features and functionalities into enterprise websites. These include custom databases, automated workflows, dynamic content, and API integrations. With a focus on creating seamless user experiences, each site is built to facilitate interaction, engagement, and conversion.

E-Commerce Excellence

For enterprises that operate in the e-commerce space, Davydov Consulting delivers exceptional online stores using Wix’s comprehensive e-commerce solutions. From product catalog integration to secure payment gateways and customized checkout experiences, each e-commerce element is optimized for performance, user experience, and conversion.

Mobile Optimization

With the majority of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, Davydov Consulting prioritizes responsive design and mobile optimization. Your Wix website is crafted to provide an exceptional user experience, regardless of the device used, ensuring your enterprise is accessible to all segments of your audience.

Robust Security Protocols

Security is non-negotiable, especially for enterprise-level operations. Davydov Consulting fortifies Wix sites with robust security protocols, including SSL certifications, secure hosting, and regular updates, to protect sensitive data and maintain the trust of your users.

Ongoing Support and Evolution

The digital world is not static, and neither are the services provided by Davydov Consulting. Beyond the initial launch, they offer ongoing support, maintenance, and iterative improvements to ensure that the Wix Enterprise website remains at the technological forefront, delivering consistent value and an ever-improving experience to customers.

Analytics and Insights

Data is a crucial driver of business strategy. Davydov Consulting integrates powerful analytics tools within Wix, providing enterprises with actionable insights into user behavior, performance metrics, and conversion data. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions and strategically adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Empower Your Enterprise with Davydov Consulting and Wix

Partnering with Davydov Consulting, enterprises gain access to a dedicated team of professionals who bring a wealth of experience, creativity, and strategic thinking to every project. The combined strength of Wix Enterprise solutions and Davydov Consulting’s expert implementation sets a new standard for digital excellence.

Embrace the future with confidence by choosing Davydov Consulting for your Wix Enterprise needs. Together, we can build a digital foundation that not only meets today’s challenges but also anticipates tomorrow's opportunities.

Advanced Features and Functionality
E-Commerce Excellence
Mobile Optimization
Robust Security Protocols
Ongoing Support and Evolution
Analytics and Insights
Empower Your Enterprise

The Competitive Advantage of Expert Wix Enterprise Designers

Experienced  Wix Enterprise Designers possess the skills to integrate platform flexibility with a deep understanding of enterprise needs. They excel in crafting cutting-edge, efficient, and bespoke solutions that embody innovation and dependability. Their approach combines technical proficiency with creative flair, ensuring high-performing, visually compelling, and user-friendly solutions. Designers play a crucial role in crafting an interactive experience that resonates with business goals and customer expectations, going beyond aesthetics to reflect the business ethos in every aspect.

Expert Wix Enterprise Designers

WIX ENTERPRISE - solution for large-scale company

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