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LinkedIn is a professional industry social network. It is visited by millions of professionals to keep in touch with each other, keep abreast of the latest news, look for job opportunities and new talent for their teams and companies.

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Linkedin Ads Management By Experts

As a LinkedIn advertising agency, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in managing LinkedIn PPC advertising campaigns. Our goal is to ensure that LinkedIn ads make the most sense for your business. This channel is great for B2B businesses specifically to promote your company in your industry.

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How we are working


We study the product and target audience in detail.

We conduct a brief, “taste the product”, analyze other advertising activities that have already taken place.


Traffic system

We build a traffic system based on your marketing funnel using combinations of site, target audience, ad types, creatives and main goals.


Cost effective and budget

We determine the KPI and budgets of the advertising company. We distribute budgets at the stage of start-up, optimization and full operation of the company when the main KPI indicators are achieved.



We develop selling advertising messages for AIDA and creative ad design.



Set up pixels for conversion tracking, connect the LinkedIn Insight tag, set up form generation, upload contact lists and update them.



We launch a campaign, analyze key indicators and optimize reallocating budgets, excluding ineffective ads, groups, companies.


Types of LinkedIn Ads

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Serve native LinkedIn feed ads on desktop and mobile

Dynamic advertising

Reach potential customers with ads that are personalized for them

Video ads

Engage a professional video audience every step of the buyer's journey

Text ads

Attract new customers to your business on a tight budget with pay per click

Direct message advertising

Send personalized messages to the people who matter most to your business

Job Announcements

Promote and promote applications to vacancies in your company

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