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Why targeted advertising Facebook & Instagram?

Attracting the target audience

Professional customization allows you to show your ads to users who are really interested in your product.

Advertising budget optimization

This type of advertising is considered the most inexpensive and effective way to promote, as it helps to increase the flow of customers, even with a small budget. By identifying your target audience as accurately as possible, you can reduce your advertising budget and get the results you want. In addition, this type of promotion does not require a company website.

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Facebook Ads Management By Experts

We can promote your brand with professional Facebook ads, using distinctive creative vision, thoughtful advertising, and effective digital marketing to target the right audience! Engage customers with your business identity and fulfill your main goal of successfully selling your products and services!

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Because targeting allows you to share your offer with as many interested users as possible, you get a higher conversion rate. As a result, sales will increase and profits will grow steadily.

Brand promotion on the Internet

You can not only promote the company's product, but also share new products, talk about interesting promotions and offers, the principles of the company and its life in general. Consumers appreciate the openness of the brand and follow the activities of such enterprises with special interest.

Sales growth

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Target (EXPRESS)

  • Development of advertising layouts and texts

  • Setting up Facebook or Instagram ads

  • Evaluation of the results obtained and recommendations based on the launch results

  • Analytics connection

Target (PRO)

  • Business analysis

  • Selection of audiences for advertising

  • Competitive analysis (analysis of 3-5 strong competitors)

  • Development of an advertising campaign strategy

  • Development of advertising creatives

  • Writing Selling Ads

  • Setting up advertising campaigns for one of the advertising platforms (Instagram or Facebook)

  • Analytics connection


Preparatory work:

  • Business Manager Registration, Company Verification, Domain Verification

  • Installing counters, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel

  • Setting goals in Analytics, Facebook for tracking requests

  • Identifying competitors and analyzing them

  • Development of a unique selling proposition

  • Recommendations for improving your website or account

  • Setting up leadforms

Drawing up a map of interests:

  • Determination of the portrait of the target audience

  • Defining the “pains” of the target audience

  • Collecting a map of interests

  • Matching the map of interests

Development of ads:

  • Developing ads for the feed

  • Developing ads for stories

  • Developing ads for retargeting

  • Matching advertisements

Setting up and running:

  • Setting up and launching interest-based advertising

  • Setting up and launching retargeting campaigns

  • Setting up and launching look-alike campaigns

  • Daily monitoring of key indicators

  • Updating information on ads

  • A / B testing of interests

  • A / B testing ads

  • A / B testing of audience segments by gender, age, region, device, placement

  • Testing new ad formats and strategies

  • Weekly snapshot by key indicators

  • Final reporting at the end of each month

  • Drawing up a plan for finalizing advertising campaigns for the next month

Maintenance and optimization: