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PDF File Generating in Wix

PDF File Generating in Wix

Velo Code Solution

If you have data you want to send in a certain format but aren't sure what device or software your recipient will be using, you may export it as a PDF to make things easier for them. To do this, we can integrate a PDF generator into your Wix website.

Our Velo solution does what it says - converts any data/page of the Wix site to PDF automatically. You may use one to create a standardised form from the information you already have or to export information from a webpage as a PDF.

Other user scenarios include:

  1. Invoices. For those looking for a professional invoice, look in a completely custom design.

  2. Contracts. Make the user fill in the form (adding a signature box on a page if needed) and then send them contract generated in PDF with all information filled in the correct places.

  3. Data. Wix PDF Generation can be used by estate agents to print out property details, data sites can generate PDF database table printouts. It may also be customised to provide a variety of reports in a variety of designs.


PHP,Laravel,JavaScript,Wix Velo Code

Example Code


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Wix PDF Generator Integration | Embed PDF on Wix
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