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Creation of Marketplaces in Wix

Creation of marketplaces in Wix

Velo Code Solution

Inspired by Airbnb, Etsy, or Fiverr's success? Do you want to have your own marketplace?

An online marketplace is a platform that connects supply and demand - vendors and customers. They can discover one other on a marketplace, which facilitates their transactions and makes income for the owner through marketplace fees.

Wix website by default only allow to run payments from user to site owner. Velo Code allows creating a marketplace where users can sell products or services to each other while you can charge a commission from sales.

What is the revenue model for internet marketplaces?

If you wish to start your own marketplace, the most popular ways for e-marketplaces to make money are as follows:

  • subscriptions/memberships sold by the

  • commission from sales

  • featured listings

  • affiliate programmes

  • advertising

  • freemium

We create all interfaces for a user to list their products through my account areas. They also register their bank details to receive pay-outs (after you charge commission) which are stored securely in an encrypted format. The product or service then gets listed and gets into the right part of the site. Sellers can change the details and price of their products. It is possible to add a chat function for communication between seller and buyer.


Wix Velo Code,Payment API,SendGrid

Example Code


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Wix Marketplaces Integration | Custom Trading Platform on Wix
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