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Wix and Google Sheets

Wix and Google Sheets

Velo Code Solution

Some customers find it not agile enough to update content on Wix sites through the content manager. One of the possible ways to improve could be the use of Google Sheets spreadsheet as a database for storing the content of Wix site. The established connection is live and updates made in Google Sheets documents reflect on-site immediately.
There are numerous scenarios of use. Some of them are:
Use Google sheets documents as storage of all content on site that can be added/changed/deleted in a few clicks in the Google Sheets app on your phone or laptop.
Use multiple Google Sheets own integrations/plugins to get data into it (from forms etc) which is then immediately available live on wix site for interaction.
Using Google Sheets with various fulfilment / crm / contacts software that can then be fed on site.
Benefits are:
·       Easy to update information from any device where Google Sheets can be installed/launched
·       Changes go live immediately
·       Storage is virtually unlimited
·       Google Sheets is free to use
Disadvantages are:
·       If Google Sheets is down content will disappear from site until it is back to work.
·       Google Sheets is not really built to store photos and especially videos, therefore the solution is more oriented for text content.


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