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QR Code Generator and Vouchers on Wix

Vouchers in Wix

Velo Code Solution

The new functionality makes it possible to generate a QR-Code inside the site (on the server side).

Now QR-Code is quite a popular source of information. You can easily scan it and get the information you need, and almost everything can be encrypted inside QR-Code (URL, phone numbers, text, sms, geolocation, vCard, email, wifi, image, pdf and .t e).

You can encrypt the information you need in a QR-Code, and then insert it where you need it. For example, you can insert it into an invoice so the client can receive an electronic copy or additional information.

Generation can be unique. For example, for each user, you can implement your information.

Wix QR code Generator Features

  • The ability to encrypt the desired information into an image.

  • Ability to individually create a QR-Code for different clients.

Contact us if you want to add QR code generator to your Wix site.


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