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Different Price for Different Users in Wix Shop

Different price for different users in Wix Shop

Velo Code Solution

New opportunities for flexible customization of your Wix online store. Our Velo code solution allows you to create a system of regular or premium customers in your online store who will see the exclusive price for various products. You choose and set up customer groups and discounts yourself.

How did Wix Individual Price Tag Work?

Functionality is built on database where list of products has many columns for price input. This is then connected to Wix pages of your site with Velo. There is also a straightforward system of assigning each registered user to the correct pricing group.

The solution has a huge number of usage scenarios and is applicable to absolutely any online store. With different price options, you can make correct impression on your customers, keeping other customers unaware of prices for other groups.


Wix Velo API

Example Code

Wix Individual Price Tag Integration | Custom Price for Products on Wix
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