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API integration into Wix Website

API integration into Wix Website

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API integration is the linking of two or more programmes through their APIs (application programming interfaces), which allows systems to share data sources. API connectors provide data synchronisation, increased efficiency, and income generation across various industries and layers of an organisation.

Wix platform has a large number of plugins, but obviously not all. However, virtually any online software in the world has an API interface that can be connected to wix site.
Amongst most popular API integrations we do are: DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, VivaWallet, LightSpeed, Mondial Relay.

Integration can be of two types:

One way integration where information is flying from Wix => API system. So no reply from the system needed. This is useful for booking systems or payment systems where all changes are happening on the wix side.

Two-way integration where information flies both ways between Wix ⇔ API System. So a reply from the system is needed. This is used with parcel delivery systems that return tracking numbers or delivery updates to wix my account areas. So some events that are interesting for the user might appear outside of the wix site.


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