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Search filter for CMS in Wix

Search filter for CMS in Wix

Velo Code Solution

Integrating Velo search with a Wix database involves several key steps:

1. Add Wix Site Search Application: This step involves adding the Wix Site Search app from the Wix App Market to enable the `wix-search API`.

2. Import wixSearch Module: Import `wixSearch` from the `wix-search` module in your code to utilize its search functionalities.

3. Enable Development Mode and Set Up UI: Turn on Dev Mode in Wix to enable Velo, and add necessary UI elements like a search bar to your page.

4. Implement Search Functionality: Use `wixSearch` with the `search()` function and implement an `onKeyPress()` function for the search bar to initiate searches.

5. Refine Search Results: Add functionalities to sort search results using methods like `ascending()` to sort fields in ascending order.

6. Display Search Results: Use a repeater element to display search results on your website, including elements like images, buttons, and text for titles and descriptions.

By following these steps, you can create a custom site search experience for your Wix website.

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Example Code


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Search filter for CMS in Wix | Advance filter