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DHL API Integration in Wix

Wix DHL Integration

Velo Code Solution

Integration of DHL into the Wix Store, sending confirmed and paid orders to DHL with receiving a label and tracking code in return, sending it to the client by email and saving it to my account area.

What is the DHL API?

API is an acronym for application programming interface and allows a website to benefit from functionality provided by a third-party application or website.

The DHL API for WIX sites allows e-commerce stores to complement their current shipping methods with DHL’s features to streamline their delivery processes while keeping the customer informed regarding the progress of their order.

How Does a DHL API Help Customers Track Goods Ordered from Your WIX Website?

Even the most proactive e-commerce store can find keeping track of goods once they have been dispatched can be difficult.

Those who use DHL can track orders, but this often means logging into another website.

Although a business may not mind doing this, customers who shop online expect to be kept updated regarding the progress of their orders.

For Which WIX Sites Is Integration of DHL API Needed?

There are many service providers an e-commerce store owner can use when sending goods to customers. Still, many use DHL as it is recognisable, established and can provide real-time tracking when delivering packages.

As well as being able to forward packages to several destinations with ease, website owners using the DHL API can also provide up-to-date information regarding all orders made. As such, those who own an e-commerce store should at least consider the DHL API.

Of course, not every business will be well versed with WIX DHL integration, but this is where Davydov Consulting can help. In addition to professional WIX website design, Davydov Consulting can also help businesses instil the DHL API while ensuring it fits in with the theme of the website.

If you are keen to start benefiting from professional DHL API integration, then why not contact Davydov Consulting to discuss your requirements in more detail?


DHL API,Wix Velo Code

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Wix DHL Integration | DHL API on Wix
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