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Custom Google Map Integration on Wix

Interactive Map in Wix

Velo Code Solution

Adding an interactive Google map to Wix can solve several essential tasks and significantly increase the site's usability.

Wix Custom Google Maps Features

Custom Google map for Wix gives you the following features:

  • Click, pan and zoom on the map for more information.

  • Adding geographic maps with layers with different details.

  • Adding geotags and a link to specific markers on the map.

  • Determination of the exact location of user thanks to GPS.

  • Use custom Google maps to display upcoming events, concerts, promotions, etc.

  • Select the required address for delivery.

Please contact us to add a custom Google map to your Wix site. Our experts will add and set up a custom map on your site using Velo.


Wix Velo API,Wix Velo Code,HTML,CSS,JavaScript

Example Code

Wix Custom Google Map Integration | Embed Map in Wix
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