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Automatic newsletter from Wix database in Wix

Automatic newsletter from Wix database in Wix

Velo Code Solution

It is possible to create fully automated newsletter using SendGrid that will send any information you store in Content Manager or any other wix database. Newsletter can follow any rules and be variable per customer. Variations can be around what is new since last time user logged in, which language they have selected or any information that site stores about user. Possible scenarios of use:
-Send user products that have been added since their last login, per user. So newsletter will be unique for each user.
-Send user newsletter in their language version and not on for all.
-Send automatic newsletters with different currencies shown based on user location.
-Send promo prices to loyal repeated customers and full price to new customers or vice versa.
-Send automatic newsletter on virtually anything you (or your site visitors in case of marketplaces) add into content manager.