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Live Chat Integration on Wix

Chat embed in Wix

Velo Code Solution

Live chat on the site allows users to communicate with each other without delay and without leaving the pages of the site. Or you can create a support chat for the site, where you can answer user questions in real-time.

Embed Wix chat Features

Adding live chat integration for the Wix site gives you the following options.

  • Group chat between users

  • Private chat between users

  • Support Chat

Please contact us if you want to add chat to the Wix site.


Wix Velo Code,HTML,CSS

Example Code


Live Chat Integration on Wix

Integration of live chat features for the Wix website. Add live chat widget to your Wix website for easy discussions and comments. Wix VELO CODE integration

Live Chat Integration on Wix

Scroll Snap animation Integration on Wix

Integration Scroll Snap animation for Wix website. Add "Scroll Snap" animation to improve and optimize your Wix website

Scroll Snap animation Integration on Wix

Dropshipping in Wix

Master the art of integrating dropshipping into your Wix website using Velo with our comprehensive guide. Learn step-by-step how to seamlessly connect your site with top dropshipping providers, automate order processing, manage real-time inventory, and enhance your online store's functionality for a successful e-commerce business

Dropshipping in Wix

More Velo Integrations

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Wix Embed Chat Widget | Live Chat Integration For Wix
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