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CardStream Payment Integration on Wix

CardStream Integration on WIX

Velo Code Solution

The Cardstream integration is the addition of the Cardstream payment gateway directly into the Wix website, allowing the business owner to process payments directly on their own Wix website without having to redirect customers to the Cardstream payment page.

The Cardstream Wix integration process includes adding the Cardstream Payment Gateway API (Application Programming Interface) to the Wix website. This API allows the merchant's website to interact with the Cardstream payment gateway to securely process online payments.

Once Cardstream is integrated into the Wix merchant website, customers have a seamless checkout process that can help improve client satisfaction and conversion rates. In addition, it is possible to customize the payment process according to your brand and design, providing a consistent user experience for your customers.

Contact us if you want to connect Cardstream to your Wix website.


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