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Ordering System Limited by Area Range in Wix

Ordering system limited by exact map range in Wix

Velo Code Solution

The new functionality makes it possible to check whether the desired element (product, service) is located in a certain place (street, district, city, etc.) based on this data, customize the delivery for a specific client.

This functionality is now used by many companies operating in a specific location, for example, delivery, taxi or post office.

You can also check if the client is in the zone of a certain location, and then execute the necessary logic.

Area Range Ordering System Features

Adding an ordering system limited by exact map range in Wix site gives you the following options.

  • Ability to check in a specific location.

  • Checking if the desired element is in a certain zone.

Please contact us if you want to install an order system on the Wix website that depends on the location.


Wix Velo API