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Wishlist Integration in Wix Store

Wishlist in Wix Store

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In the dynamic realm of online retail, offering a memorable and interactive shopping experience is crucial for fostering customer devotion and propelling revenue growth. A critical element for digital storefronts is the wishlist functionality. This potent feature enables shoppers to save their preferred products for later purchase, enriching their browsing experience and motivating their return visits. For merchants utilizing Wix for their online storefront, the integration of a wishlist has become a streamlined process through the capabilities of Velo by Wix. Let's dive into how adding a wishlist can revolutionize your Wix store and its significance for both shoppers and shop owners.

Understanding Wishlist Integration

Incorporating a wishlist in an e-commerce platform permits users to compile a custom list of items they aim to buy in the future. This feature is invaluable for customers who are browsing without the intent to immediately buy, allowing them to keep track of products that catch their eye. By embedding a wishlist in your Wix store, you enable customers to effortlessly mark and revisit their products of interest, smoothing their shopping experience while offering a touch of customization and ease.

The Advantages of Wishlist Incorporation in Your Wix Store

Boosting Customer Interaction and Commitment

Deploying a wishlist within your Wix store is a strategic move to heighten customer interaction and commitment. It provides shoppers the ability to craft a tailored browsing experience by earmarking their most-liked items for later reflection. This bookmarking action not only maintains the presence of your products in the minds of your customers but also compels them to come back to your site, enhancing the chances of finalizing a sale.

Elevating the Shopping Journey

Wishlists play a significant role in enriching the shopping experience. They allow shoppers the liberty to save products without any immediate buying obligation, thereby decreasing the instances of cart abandonment. Such convenience can heighten customer contentment and differentiate your store in a bustling marketplace.

Boosting Revenue and Gathering Consumer Insights

For merchants, wishlists act as an insightful mechanism for elevating sales and acquiring knowledge about consumer preferences. Examining the items saved to wishlists helps in identifying trending products, managing inventory, and uncovering sales prospects. This information can drive focused marketing strategies, product suggestions, and stock management, which, in turn, augments profits.

Incorporating Wishlist with Velo by Wix

Velo by Wix provides a robust and adaptable coding solution for embedding a wishlist into your Wix store. This method offers the freedom to customize according to your store's aesthetic and operational requirements. Here's a simplified guide for its implementation:

  1. Activate Velo on Your Wix Website: Begin by enabling Velo on your site to access its coding features.

  2. Establish a Wishlist Database: Construct a database to hold wishlist entries, including details like product IDs, names, pictures, and customer data.

  3. Craft the Wishlist Interface: Design and develop the interface for the wishlist function, ensuring customers can effortlessly save and view their chosen items.

  4. Link with Product Listings: Facilitate the addition of products to the wishlist directly from the product listings through an easy click.

  5. Control and Exhibit Wishlists: Create capabilities for users to manage their wishlists (adding/removing items) and for merchants to access wishlist information for insights.


Embedding a wishlist into your Wix store not only elevates the user experience but also strengthens customer engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, sales. With the support of Velo by Wix, integrating this functionality is straightforward, providing a versatile solution that adapts to your business's specific needs. By leveraging the wishlist, you do more than just introduce a new feature; you cultivate enduring customer relationships and pave the way for sustained business success.


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