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Sabadell Bank Integration on Wix

Wix Sabadell

Velo Code Solution

Integrating a Spanish bank API into a Wix website involves several key functionalities. Here's an expanded explanation of each:

1. Authentication (Auth):

- This is a security feature critical for accessing API resources.

- It acts as a secure token or marker, validating the user's identity and permissions.

- Authentication ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive data like cloud records, make payments, or confirm fees.

- It's typically implemented using OAuth or similar secure authentication protocols.

2. Information Accessibility:

- The API provides detailed information about the user's bank accounts.

- Users can view lists of their accounts, check account balances, and review transaction histories.

- This feature enhances user experience by providing comprehensive financial information in one place.

3. Payment Initiation:

- Allows third-party platforms (like your Wix site) to initiate various types of payments.

- These can include custom payments tailored to specific user needs, non-genuine payments for unique situations, and scheduled payments set for future dates.

- This functionality broadens the scope of financial transactions that can be handled through your website.

4. Confirmation of Funds:

- A feature that confirms the availability of funds in a user’s account.

- This is particularly important for validating transactions and preventing overdrafts.

- It adds an extra layer of financial security and trust, ensuring that payments are processed only when sufficient funds are available.

When implementing such an API, it's crucial to maintain high security standards to protect sensitive financial data. Also, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and data protection laws (like GDPR in Europe) is essential. The integration process typically involves working with the bank's API documentation, configuring API calls on your Wix site, and possibly using Wix's Velo development platform for more advanced customizations.


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Wix Sabadell Integration | Link a Bank Account to Wix
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