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Ordering System Synchronised with Google Calendar in Wix

Ordering system synchronised with Google Calendar in Wix

Velo Code Solution

Google Calendar is well integrated with Wix Bookings. It is not yet integrated with Wix store. Our Velo coded solution enables Wix site owners to add an extra screen on checkout that asks customers to select a date in the calendar, whether it is delivery / pick up or any other date. The calendar itself is synchronised with Google calendar and shows only available slots. It is also possible, for example, to limit orders to 3 each timeslot.

Embed Google Calendar in Wix

We see steady demand from customers who want to control how many orders they receive and when these orders can be collected. This helps customers whose products are not yet produced and are custom made (configurator of products) to manage their workload or in some cases, prepare products just in time, so it is fresh (e.g. wedding cakes).

Google calendar is widely available across multiple devices. So if, for example, site owner wants to close shop early on a certain day, he simply adds a blocked slot manually from his phone into Google calendar, and no one would be able to place order in that slot.

There can be numerous other scenarios where Google calendar can be used on Wix marketplace:

  • When a product is rented (but Wix bookings not applicable)

  • When a product is custom made and has a short expiry date.

  • When the workload of site owner needs to be managed.

  • In product configurators.

  • When a product is seasonal.

Do you have a product that you would like to test whether Google Calendar can be used with it? Book free consultation with one of our specialists.


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Wix Google Calendar Ordering System Integration