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Advanced Store Features on Wix

Advanced Wix Store with Velo

Velo Code Solution

If you are selling products through wix site, you are very likely to be using wix shop that offers plenty of core functionality like listing your products, cart, payment, product catalogue, delivery settings, tax and some others. All of these options can be called advanced Wix store features.

Nevertheless, we offer owners of online stores to significantly expand the capabilities of their catalogue. There are a number of features that we can add to your site using the Velo code.

Advanced Wix store features include:

  • Low in-stock notification.

  • Minimum order total for shipping.

  • Delivery time.

  • Custom product price.

  • Upsell products.

  • Bulk add to cart.

  • Product reviews.

  • Product configurator.

  • Highest rated products.

  • Wishlist.

  • Related items.

If you would like to add advanced store features to Wix, please contact us.


Wix Velo Code

Example Code


WhatsApp Integration into Wix

Discover how integrating WhatsApp into your Wix website elevates customer interaction and support. Enhance user experience with seamless communication channels

WhatsApp Integration into Wix

Monthly or Yearly Price Switcher in Wix

Integration of price switcher for Wix website. Add custom pricing plans switcher (monthly or yearly) for Wix marketplace. Custom Velo Code solutions

Monthly or Yearly Price Switcher in Wix

Royal Mail Integration into Wix

Integration of Royal Mail API, automated shipping calculations, real-time tracking, and easy bulk shipping management.

Royal Mail Integration into Wix

More Velo Integrations

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Advanced Wix Store Integration | Wix Store Features
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