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Custom Audio Player Integration on Wix

Custom Wix Audio Player

Velo Code Solution

This feature replaces the default player with a custom Wix audio player. The new functionality will allow you to flexibly configure the elements and options of the player, for example, add or remove the switching of the next or previous track, and implement playlists and their customization.

The new custom Wix audio player has much more flexible settings than the standard player. It will also be possible to expand the standard logic, for example, launching a track only with a subscription or after its purchase.

Wix Custom Music Player Features

Embed a music player on Wix will allow you to implement the following features:

  • Flexible configuration of controls.

  • Advanced player redesign.

  • Expanding and scaling the logic of the player.

To connect an advanced player to the Wix site, please contact us.


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