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Custom Product Configurator in Wix

Custom product configurator in Wix

Velo Code Solution

We can develop a custom product configurator for a Wix site that users flexible additional parameters database with the price changing based on choices.

This allows customers to assemble their products from parts. Database of parts/options can have as many option parts as you want. You can add/remove them yourself later. They can be grouped, as well as each option has a price that influences total price.

Rules can be set flexibly and interdependencies can be programmed also. Enabling this feature, whether it is a wedding cake configurator or custom t-shirt builder would enable your visitors to create products that would fit them specifically, pay and place the order in one go. This removes all manual work as well as drives your business sales up.

The solution allows you to make a phased selection of products from the catalog based on related characteristics from predefined sections. The selected product at each stage of the configuration is saved in the current assembly of the site visitor.

After implementation on the site, you will increase the sales of your products.

Having set up the configurator once, you save managers' time for communicating with clients and drawing up commercial offers.

What Is a Product Configurator on WIX Site?

The Product Configurator is a process that allows website visitors to see products in several colours and designs without leaving a page. Although a helpful tool, those creating a WIX website for the first time may find there is a learning curve when using the tool.

What Are the Benefits of WIX Product Configurator for WIX Sites?

The inclusion of a Product Configurator allows for a more streamlined user experience for website visitors, but it also can offer several benefits for business.

Although it is easy to set up an e-commerce store using WIX, there is a lot of online competition to contend with.  As such, the products that an e-commerce store sells need to appeal to the masses.

Giving customers a choice is essential, but using a Product Configurator allows websites to offer plenty of information without having to create a new page for each product.

How to Understand That You Need to Add Product Configurator for WIX Sites?

Some e-commerce store owners can be under the impression that the more product pages are created, the better they will rank in search engines.

Although content is important when optimising a website, so is the user experience.

A Product Configurator ensures that customers can make a purchase without leaving the page Factors like these tell search engines like Google that relevant information is being shown regarding a product.

Visitors can navigate the website regardless of the device they are using.

Although not everyone will be proficient in using the Product Configurator tool, enlisting the services of a WIX web design professional to ensures that you have a professional website that meets customers' expectations at an affordable price.


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