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Viva Wallet is the perfect example of how one small change can improve the user experience of a website and increase turnover.

What is a Viva Wallet?

Viva Wallet is a cloud-based banking provider that offers payment and credit services to European countries. The Neobank is created using the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing service.

What Payments Can Users Make with Viva?

Not only can Viva Wallet provide the same functionality as conventional payment processors but can provide a business with a platform that can integrate several payment methods. An overview of the payments that can be made with Viva Wallet is as follows.

Credit and Debit Cards
● Visa
● Mastercard
● American Express
● Maestro
● Discover
● Diners Club International

Digital Wallets
● Apple Pay
● Samsung Pay
● Google Pay

Other Payment Methods
● PayPal
● Klarna
● BitPay

Is the Integration of Payment via Viva Wallet Required for WIX Sites?

Although the integration of Viva Wallet for WIX sites is not required, it can provide businesses with a multitude of benefits. It can also help create conversions due to the many payment methods that can be implemented.

The integration of Viva Wallet also allows a business to take advantage of a free business account with a local IBAN and reporting in addition to 0% acceptance fees. The acceptance fees are earned when using the Viva Wallet debit card.

Although Viva Wallet takes a slightly different approach regarding payment processing, the learning curve is very small and can offer a series of benefits when compared to conventional payment processors.

Viva Wallet Integration with Wix full customization of online payment acceptance and transaction tracking.


VivaWallet API, Wix Velo API

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