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External databases in Wix

External databases in Wix

Velo Code Solution

One of the most common wix platform limitation that we hear from customers is the fear that 50GB max storage limit for the site will be hit quite quickly.

Even though we do very rarely see customers hitting that limit, some customers with lots of photos and video content actually exceed that limit at some point. The most obvious solution is to integrate an external database (most often one of AWS / GCP / Azure). This is also mandatory when the site process data synchronously with mobile apps / other sites. The way integration works is that you still see the database as normal in Wix content manager but all content/information stored there is actually located outside of wix site.

Scenarios of use:

-   Have few sites content synchronised.
-   Mobile apps that should record customer actions (not just display information).
-   50GB site limit not enough.
-   When having PDF generation feature on the site.
-   When in need to store files in formats that Wix refuses to accept (e.g. 3d models).

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