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Mondial Relay Integration into Wix

Mondial Relay integration into Wix

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Integrating Mondial Relay's API into a Wix website can significantly enhance the shipping and logistics management for e-commerce platforms. Here's a description of the services and features you can expect from this integration:

1. Automated Shipping Process: By connecting your Mondial Relay account with Wix through platforms like Outvio, you can automate every step of the shipping process. This includes smart shipping rules to automatically select the best courier service, automatic label printing with barcode scanners, personalized tracking pages with marketing options, and in-app incident and returns management.

2. Optimized Shipping Rates and Label Printing: The ShippyPro API, when integrated with Mondial Relay, offers the ability to get the best rates for every shipment. It also enables printing of Mondial Relay labels, tracking of packages, and automation of returns, making the shipping process more efficient and user-friendly.

3. API Credentials and Integration Support: To access the Mondial Relay API, you will need to obtain specific credentials, which include a key and merchant ID for both sandbox and production environments. This process typically involves contacting Mondial Relay's API support team.

4. Integration Methods: While Wix does not have a native API integration feature, various workarounds and third-party services enable the integration of external APIs like Mondial Relay into a Wix website. These methods ensure that even without native support, Wix users can still benefit from the extensive features offered by Mondial Relay's API.

This integration can greatly streamline the shipping and logistics aspects of an e-commerce website, offering a more efficient, automated, and user-friendly experience for both the business owners and their customers.


Mondial Relay API

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