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Custom Dashboards and Tables Integration on Wix

Custom dashboards in Wix

Velo Code Solution

Custom dashboards and tables give you the ability to edit, add, delete, filter and sort data the way you want.

Also, a page with a table can have custom rights, and you do not have to grant access to the entire site to give access to edit a specific collection.

On a custom dashboard, you can combine several collections into one to display them more compactly. Also, custom dashboards can display and edit not only Wix databases but also custom ones, like MySQL or firebase.

Wix Insert Table Features

Adding a custom table and dashboard to your Wix site gives you the following options.

  • Setting unique permissions for editing collections.

  • Ability to integrate other databases.

  • Flexible editing system, you can remove the excess, add the missing.

  • Ability to combine collections into one.

Contact us if you want to add custom dashboards to your Wix site.


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