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2FA SMS and Twilio Integration on Wix

2FA SMS Twilio in Wix

Velo Code Solution

Wix SMS two-factor authentication verifies a user's identification by texting a security code to their phone. The user then inserts the code into the website or programme they're attempting to access.

Wix 2FA Advantages

  1. Simplicity. A confirmation code is sent to a user's cell phone through SMS 2FA. Simply input the code to have access to your data.

  2. Accessibility and speed. SMS 2FA sends a one-time password (OTP) to a user's mobile whenever suspicious behaviour happens, allowing only the user with that device to log in and verify that their account hasn't been hacked. SMS 2FA for Wix is a rapid technique to verify a user's identity.

  3. Popular. Because Wix SMS 2FA is the earliest type of two-factor authentication, it has become a widely used security mechanism.

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