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Delivery and Fullfilment systems in Wix

Delivery and Fullfilment systems in Wix

Velo Code Solution

Wix is an online website builder that has a store integration feature. Store integration allows users to integrate their Wix website with popular delivery services like UPS, FedEx and USPS for order fulfillment. This article will provide instructions on how to set up the wix ups api integration. We can integrate any system that has open API. Integration can cover the following features:
-automatic postage label generation (and email it to the customer in PDf if needed).
-calculate cost based on amount/weight.
-give a choice of options to the customer with options (standard/express) with live prices
-provide tracking number.
-send customers live updates by email/sms automatically.
-store all this information in customers “My Account” area. This functionality is useful when the store grows to a level the amount of admin work related to postage label generation becomes too much. For even larger stores that use fulfilment (Amazon and others), it is possible to pass orders received in the Wix store to them.


Wix Velo API, Delivery System API doc, SendGrid for email automation