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Delivery Options on Wix

Delivery and Fullfilment systems in Wix

Velo Code Solution

In the current dynamic e-commerce landscape, the satisfaction of your customers depends not only on what you sell but also on how quickly and reliably their purchases are delivered. Aware of this, numerous Wix store operators are seeking methods to embed sophisticated shipping functionalities directly onto their platforms. Enter the Velo Code Solution, a method for effortlessly improving your store's shipping infrastructure through connections with leading courier services such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Effortless Integration and Automation: The Ultimate Ease

Through the Velo Code Solution, custom shipping options for Wix stores can be integrated with any system featuring an open API. This flexibility ensures that, regardless of your business's size or stage, from fledgling enterprises to established entities contemplating services like Amazon for fulfillment, you can tailor your shipping strategy to perfectly align with your operational requirements.

Principal Advantages of Integrating Wix Shipping

  • Automated Creation of Shipping Labels: This functionality streamlines one of the most labor-intensive aspects of fulfilling orders. Shipping labels are created automatically and can be sent to customers in PDF format via email when needed, minimizing manual efforts and errors.

  • Shipping Cost Estimation: Capable of calculating shipping costs based on item quantity or weight, this feature guarantees precision and clarity for both the merchant and the customer.

  • Diverse Shipping Alternatives: Offering customers the choice between standard and expedited delivery, complete with real-time pricing, significantly improves their shopping experience by giving them control over delivery speed and cost.

  • Real-Time Tracking and Notifications: Providing customers with a tracking code and updates through email or SMS ensures they are always informed about their order's status, fostering trust and satisfaction.

  • Centralized Shipping Data: Housing all essential delivery details in the customer's "My Account" section not only informs the customer but also lessens the frequency of inquiries about order progress.

Business Benefits

Incorporating sophisticated shipping options into your Wix store markedly boosts both operational efficiency and customer contentment. Automating tasks like the generation of shipping labels and calculation of delivery costs saves precious time and resources, allowing you to focus on expanding your venture. Moreover, presenting various shipping choices and updating customers on their orders strengthens loyalty and promotes repeat patronage.

As your business expands and order volume grows, these functionalities prove even more essential. For enterprises on the brink of scaling, the direct handoff of orders to fulfillment services streamlines logistics and aids in managing expansion smoothly.


Ultimately, the Velo Code Solution for Wix shipping integration provides an extensive toolkit designed to refine your e-commerce activities and elevate the customer journey. By adopting these advanced shipping features, you not only make your fulfillment process more efficient but also set your business up for heightened success in the bustling online market.


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Delivery Options on Wix | Wix Delivery Systems Integration