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9 Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

9 Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

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To some, the concept of web design is straightforward, but as many who have created their own site will know, there can be a lot of trends that occur annually that change the landscape of web design.

Changes in trends often mean that website updates need to be implemented to ensure that users have a positive experience. In contrast, others need to make amendments to ensure the website is shown within relevant search results.

However, some web design trends may offer a better user experience or benefit a business. Trends often detail the approaches working in the industry, which is why those wanting to make a positive impact online are always keen to avoid exaggerated fads.

When building a website, those wanting to get the best result must be aware of current trends. An overview of the most prevalent website design trends of 2022 is as follows:

  1. The Use of Bold Colours

  2. One-Page Websites

  3. Typography Will Take Centre Stage

  4. Gender-Neutral Design Is Becoming Standard

  5. Borders Will Become More Prominent

  6. Interactive Elements Will Be Embraced

  7. Rough and Ready Will Reap Rewards

  8. Artificial Intelligence Will Be More Sophisticated

  9. Voice Search Will Become More Prevalent

The Use of Bold Colours

Although the goal of a website is to capture the attention of its audience, too much colour could mean the finished result is overwhelming. However, bold colours can offer many benefits for website layouts.

There is a lot of competition online, and it is not too long before website layouts become similar to another brand. Many have found that embracing a different palette has allowed the brand to stand out without creating an eyesore for online visitors.

One-Page Websites

One-page websites will not be the right fit for every business, but they have been popular for many projects in 2022. Examples of successful one-page websites include those that sell niche products or services and those wanting to create a website showing a professional online portfolio or presentation.

One-page websites offer a different experience from other websites in that content is presented with simple scrolling. This allows more information to be displayed without the user navigating away from the page.

Those with a lot of information to convey will need to consider other options, but those with a narrow message or niche business could find that one-page websites are the perfect fit for their online endeavours.

Typography Will Take Centre Stage

web site design

The importance of any images remains relevant in 2022, but this is not the only principle of design to focus on. The importance of content has led many businesses to use large and bold typography.

Typography will also serve a purpose when displaying a lot of information in a way that is not overwhelming, namely moving type. Moving type is simply animated text delivered in a scrolling motion but can add a new layer of interactivity to the website that keeps people informed minus the gimmicks.

Regardless of whether a brand wants to convey a message or promote brand awareness quickly, typography is a trend that will continue to gain traction throughout 2022.

Gender-Neutral Design Is Becoming Standard

It has been important that businesses and brands do not make assumptions about their customers for many years, and those aiming for online success will see this trend develop tenfold by 2022.

Having a gender-neutral design in place that also offers features like multiple gender options ensures that you can capture a broader demographic and benefit from repeat customers in most instances.

Borders Will Become More Prominent

A website is more than a portal or a business; it is an opportunity to create an immersive experience for visitors that allows them to explore the company from a different vantage point. Although website layouts are essentially pieces of code, this does not mean that original design cannot be original, striking, and memorable.

Borders help introduce new dimensions to a website without compromising the brand, and they will become more prominent in web design throughout 2022.

Interactive Elements Will Be Embraced

It is often advised that a website should not be cluttered, meaning many web designers aim for a minimal design. However, there can also be a risk of having too little information, which means there is little chance of visitors remaining on the website or returning.

Interactive elements come in different forms. Some may use animated explainers, whereas others may employ modern visual hover effects.

The elements used can vary, but those wanting to make the most of their online presence will find that new and exciting ways of keeping visitors engaged with the website will become standard for many brands in 2022.

Rough and Ready Will Reap Rewards

Of course, no website should look lifeless or uncared for, but this does not mean that a business cannot naturally showcase its brand. It would be easy to assume that clean-cut aesthetics are integral for website design, and while accurate in some instances, this is not always the case.

As with other website design trends in 2022, how the reality of the brand can be introduced to its online presence. Recent examples have included imperfect shapes, handwritten text, and customer hand-drawn graphics.

Of course, the imperfection aesthetic will not be the perfect fit for every business. Still, those struggling to represent their brand online could find the rough and ready approach beneficial in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence Will Be More Sophisticated

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been prevalent in recent years. Still, those taking advantage of software like chatbots are starting to find that AI can offer a personable service close to human interaction.

This allows customers to build a bond with customers simply by understanding their needs. Examples include knowing a customer's spending habits and becoming more familiar with frequently asked questions.

There will still be a need for human interaction in some instances, but chatbots and artificial intelligence, in general, can help lighten the workload.

Voice Search Will Become More Prevalent

The popularity of voice search is already evident thanks to software like Google Assistant and Siri. However, the voice search trend has meant that it is now part of several websites.

Voice search can allow visitors to navigate a website easily while also aiding the search engine optimisation of a business.

How Can a Business Implement Design Trends Quickly?

Although some businesses may only need to make one or two changes to their website, some may require several aspects updating. Those that do not have the workforce or time to make these changes should consider outsourcing the task to a professional.

There will be costs involved when using a professional, but this often pales in comparison to the potential loss of not having an effective website in place.

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