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Despite how easy it is to use the Wix web designer, website design can still be problematic. Davydov Consulting has 8 years' experience in creating professional websites using Wix and can ensure that your online goals are met with ease.

Many can assume that Wix is limited to first-time users, but it can be a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. Therefore, many businesses can benefit from a professional Wix website design team.

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We create online presence for you or your business. Whether it is online store, corporate website or a landing page - we can create professional and modern design and functionality website or mobile app.


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Create a New Design for Your Wix Site

People can have a good idea of what they want from an online presence, and the drag-and-drop functionality of Wix makes it the perfect fit for those that like to design their website quickly. However, like any website designer, there can be instances when users run into issues.

In other instances, a business may need to rebrand. As well as changing shopfronts and uniforms, the website must be updated as soon as possible. There could also be SEO elements that need amending to ensure rankings don't fall because of the rebrand.

We Use the Latest UX/UI Trends in Practice

A website needs to look good, but it also needs to function correctly. If online users find it hard to navigate your website, then there is a good chance they will look elsewhere for products or services. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided by employing the expertise of Davydov Consulting.

Davydov Consulting understands what users want from their online experience and ensures there are never any complexities or confusion when users land on your site.

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Why Do You Need to Hire a Wix Web Designer?

What our wix designers team can do

Add Velo Code Features

Despite the straightforward approach to website design Wix offers, there can be times when advanced methods are needed to ensure the website can carry out its role effectively.

The experience Davydov Consulting has regarding Wix website design means customers can get the best website possible and be able to install several APIs to ensure the website meets client expectations and exceeds them.

Redesign Your Site

In some instances, a business will already have a website but may feel it is not carrying out its role effectively. There can be several reasons why a website fails to gain traction with the audience, but some of the more common are as follows.

  • Not Mobile Optimised

  • No SSL Security

  • Poor User Experience

  • Lack of SEO Support

  • No Content Updates 

Davydov Consulting can create a website optimised for online success and make the necessary updates to ensure the website is appealing to potential customers and ranks in relevant search engine results.

Create a New Design

Not sure where to start when creating your online brand? Davydov Consulting can explain the options available and implement a unique design that harnesses the advantages of Wix while still representing the brand in a unique and immersive way.

Although the aesthetics of a website is important, so is the user experience. Davydov Consulting ensures the website conforms with the best design practices and trends and represents the brand positively online. 

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What Is Wix Web Design?

Wix web design is a service that allows a customer to take full advantage of the cloud-based web builder without limitation. This can include a single page design or a website for a corporation consisting of many pages.

How Often Is Wix Used in Web Design?

Newcomers and professionals use Wix, so it is frequently used when creating a website for businesses. However, using a professional for Wix website design ensures there is never any limitation regarding design or SEO.

How Much Does a Wix Website Designer Cost?

The website design cost can depend on the work's complexity and the client's requests. However, Davydov Consulting will discuss web design projects with clients beforehand to ensure they are satisfied with the budget and work schedule.

Those in a competitive industry may find that website designs cost more than those in niche industries. However, any development will always benefit the business in the long term. 

If cost has been a deterring factor regarding website design, then why not contact Davydov Consulting to discuss your requirements in more detail?

How to Make a Website on Wix?

The Wix website process is straightforward for those using the cloud-based website builder, and while it can deliver impressive results, there can still be a lot of work needed to ensure the website proposers are online.

Davydov Consulting ensures a rigorous process is in place to ensure that a website is created with all considerations, including security and SEO.

The experience Davydov Consulting has regarding website design using Wix allows a business to be found online easily, and customers can be confident they are browsing a secure platform.

How Long Does Wix Website Design Take?

The time it takes to create a website can depend on several factors. The timescale regarding web development includes the size of the website and the elements that need to be implemented.

Wix website design can be straightforward but enlisting the aid of Davydov Consulting ensures that clients can enjoy a professional and premium website at an affordable price.

Where to Find Wix Designers in London

When searching for Wix website designers in London for the first time, there can be a lot of options to consider. However, it is crucial to focus on more than the price when searching for a professional Wix website designer.

Davydov Consulting has several years of experience with many web development methods, ensuring that clients can be confident of success, regardless of their online goals.

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