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Customizing headers and footers on different pages of a Wix site can greatly enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your website. By following a few steps, you can disable the default headers and footers, create custom ones using the new section feature, and even add menu items to these sections. This guide will walk you through the process of achieving this level of personalization for your Wix website.

Steps to Create Different Headers and Footers:

1. Disable Existing Header and Footer:

- Log in to your Wix account and open the website editor.

- Navigate to the page where you want to create a custom header and footer.

- In the editor, click on the existing header or footer. Look for the "Settings" option or a similar button associated with the header/footer.

- From the settings menu, choose the option to hide or disable the header and footer for that specific page. This will provide a blank canvas to create your custom sections. 

2. Create Custom Header and Footer:

- After disabling the existing header and footer, locate the "Add" button within the editor. This button usually appears as a plus sign or a "+."

- Choose the "Section" option from the available elements.

- Customize the new section to serve as your custom header or footer. You can add text, images, buttons, or any other design elements that you desire.

- Repeat this process for each page where you want to have a unique header or footer. 

different header on each page wix

3. Different Header on Each Page:

- To create a different header for each page, follow the same steps mentioned in the previous section on each individual page.

- Customize the section's content according to the desired header layout and content for that specific page.

4. Add Menu Items to the New Sections:

- Within the custom header section, you can add menu items to create a navigation menu. This will help users navigate through your website seamlessly.

- Add text or buttons that link to other pages within your site. Adjust the design and alignment to create an attractive and user-friendly navigation menu.


Customizing headers and footers on different pages of your Wix site can significantly elevate your website's appearance and user experience. By disabling the default headers and footers, creating custom sections, and adding menu items, you can design unique headers and footers for each page. This level of personalization ensures that your visitors have a consistent yet tailored experience throughout your website. If you require assistance or more advanced customization for your headers and footers on a Wix site, don't hesitate to reach out for professional help.

Contact us if you need to create custom footers and headers on a Wix site.

Adding Different Header and Footer on Each Wix Page

Different Header & Footer on Wix Pages

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