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Why is Wix The Best Platform For Local Business Websites

Updated: May 10, 2022

Why is Wix The Best Platform For Local Business Websites

Wix offers it users over 500 eye-catching industry specific website templates that are fully customizable and ready to go, helping them to build an online presence for FREE!

Its ultra convenient cloud based platform also means that users can access, amend and update their websites from anywhere in the world.

Its drag and drop features allows those with little to no experience to be able to create a website in a matter of minutes, which is why Wix is good for local business as not only does it offer industry specific graphics and apps. Wix also provides a range of fonts, vectors and animations in turn enabling company’s to build their own websites without the need to hire a developer at an additional expense. Helping small business to save on costs.

Wix website design costs?

Wix offers access to its platform enabling users to build websites and host them for free. Whilst there are costs if you wish to opt for their premium plans, these are in no way mandatory. Users may also wish to purchase a variety of apps from Wix that can help to add extra functionality, tracking and analytics to their website. Not only do such apps help them as a business but they also help to provide a better user experience, and to process payments if needed – among other things.

What About Local SEO?

Local SEO

Wix is good for local SEO and SEO in general, without the need for users to be SEO specialists or to have to hire one. This is due to the fact that it has powerful SEO functionality helping them to be able to reach new customers and to gain new sales or clients in their local area and further afield if needed.

Velo Coding Wix?

Velo Coding

Wix Velo also known as Wix code, is an open development platform that enables you to give your website an extra boost with the the use of JavaScript to overcome the limitations of the standard Wix platform. Whilst this is a great feature it is beneficial for those wanting more from their website as it allows users to add script to both the back end and the front end of their websites whilst still using Wix’s standard editing features. Its seen as a professional feature mainly used by experienced website developers. By no means does this mean that that standard Wix platform cannot help to deliver an amazing website – which it does. Wix Velo help to enhance websites where needed if needed.

Wix – The Best Website Builder For Small Businesses In 2021?

As we know, for any business large or small having an online presence in 2021 is paramount to its success regardless of the industry that its in. Whether it’s to sell goods online, or to provide information. Wix is a fantastic option because not only is this website builder free and cloud based, its paid plans enable you to benefit from a number of features. At entry level this includes an SSL certificate and 3G of data among other things.


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