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Wix design partner vs Shopify partner

Updated: May 10, 2022

Wix design partner vs Shopify partner

Before we look into the which design partner to chose from lets let us first take a look at both platforms, in order to help you to establish which one is best for you and your business - if you have one.

Some people would suggest that both Wix and Shopify are equally balanced and that there is very little separating the two. Many tend to view Wix as a website builder, and Shopify as an Ecommerce solution, but they can do both.

So how do I choose a platform?


In order to make that final decision you need to consider your overall needs, what do you require from you site, what type of functionality do you need it to have i.e Ecommerce, POS even a blog. Once you have your fundamentals in place, you can look into each platform in order to see how they match up.

Generally people tend to view Wix as a platform for smaller businesses that also have a smaller budget. Whilst on the other hand they feel that Shopify has more to offer larger business, but the larger the business the bigger the costs, and overall it seems to be more expensive.

Wix vs Shopify – Top 3 difference

Still not sure which platform is best for you? We have selected our top 3 key differences to help with that:

1. Overall Wix is simpler and therefore easier to use than Shopify. This means that you have a faster turnaround time in order to get your site up and running, which can be great if you have strict deadlines.

2. Wix gives you more creativity and freedom on order to build the website that you desire.

3. Whilst Shopify takes longer to configure and set up, it is much more powerful than Wix, which is why it is great for medium to large business that want to grow sales, traffic, brand awareness and more.

Wix design partner vs Shopify partner?

Wix design partner vs Shopify partner

Having read through the above, you may be closer to making that final decision. But if you are not going to build the website yourself, for whatever reason then you need to also decide which partner to choose from. Once again this depends on a number of factors. The most important one being do they have the technical ability to deliver what you want?

Wix offers its “partners” different levels depending on how much work they carry out. This makes it easier for you to see their level of experience at a glance. However the more experienced a partner is, the more you expect to be charged for their time, and the project itself. As they go up in levels, they also get access to a range of benefits that can also go on to benefit you and your business.

Shopify partners have access to resources and free training courses that not only benefit them, but in turn go on to help their clients and their businesses to grow (as seen with Wix). By honing in on their skills they can go on to create tailor made solutions that can help you to “sell, market and manage your business”.


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