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The beginners guide to Wix website creation

Updated: May 9, 2022

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It goes without saying that you are going to need a website for your business. Modern life is largely virtual, which means that you need to not only be online but also be visible online too. This means that it is not just enough to have a website; it needs to be a great website.

There are a number of ways that you can create a website, either yourself or ask someone else to do it for you. One of the most popular choices out there is Wix. Not sure what Wix is and why it is worthwhile trying it out for yourself?

Here is our beginners guide to Wix website creation.

What is Wix?


Wix is a website editor that helps you to make sure that your website is set up, looks professional and is as user friendly as possible. It has a drag-and-drop editor, which means that you can make changes without having to know any code.

The Editor itself features a range of ways to personalise and customise your website to make it as unique to you as a business as possible. There are hundreds of templates and a wealth of tools that let you build your website and then be ready to sell and engage with your audience.

How does it work?

WIX editor dashboard

There are two main choices when it comes to using Wix. There is a classic template-based platform that allows you to choose from a pre-designed template whilst still making sure that your website is unique to you. They can be customised, and you can populate it with your own content (SEO focused, of course). All of which ensures that you have all the right features in place.

You can also use the AI website builder option, which will help you to create the exact website that you need. You will be asked a series of questions that are going to identify the websites that are going to work best for you and that your design is right too.

After this, it will go ahead and create a website for you. You can, of course, make any necessary tweaks that you need once it is created. This is the ideal option for those who are looking for a quick and simple website to be set up for them.

Is it popular?

wix website templates

It is safe to say that Wix is a popular choice around the world. In fact, it is thought that it is used by as many as 100 million people across 190 different countries. It is simple to use; it is affordable and, if you want to set up a basic website, then you can have it created and ready to go in just a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert in website creation or someone who is just learning the ropes; Wix is the ideal way to make sure that you have the website that you need and that you are ready to promote your business and sell your service or product to your target audience.


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