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Editor X vs Wix: Which Is Best for You?

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Editor X vs Wix

Creating an online identity can serve several roles and benefit businesses in many ways. However, creating a branded website can be expensive and time-consuming, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Wix is a cloud-based website builder that allows a business to create a branded online platform for more sales conversions and great customer satisfaction. Although the Wix website builder is ideal for those creating a website for the first time, some professional assistance will be needed to get the most from Wix.

In addition to the conventional web builder, Wix also provides users with advanced development tools called Editor X. Knowing the difference between Editor X and the conventional Wix web editor ensures you have the right tools to create a tailored web presence for your business. In this article, we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Editor X vs Wix confrontation.

Website Editors Explained

Website editors are platforms that allow users to create sophisticated websites using a drag-and-drop interface, templates and applications.

In the case of Wix, the website editor allows business owners, professionals, and hobbyists to create a professional-looking website quickly. However, this isn’t always enough for those wanting to succeed online.

Several factors make a website a success, including its performance and optimisation. Tools like Editor X allow professionals more freedom regarding website design, search engine optimisation and the creation of dedicated applications.

Editor X

Source: Editor X

Make a wix website with editor x

What is Wix Editor X and How does it work?

Wix is an online platform that allows users access to a user-friendly interface that can be used to create websites and e-commerce stores. The web design process is carried out using cloud-based technology.

Many people are aware of how complicated building a website can be. Website editors remove the complication of web design and provide users with a website that looks professional and easily displays on several devices.

Those using Wix for web design can choose from a wide selection of templates, colours, and fonts for a tailored web design experience.

Wix templates
Wix Templates

What Is the Role of Editor X?

Despite how easy it is to create a website, many will still enlist the services of a professional web designer.

In addition to ensuring the website offers a positive user experience, using a professional web designer also ensures that potential customers and clients can find the website in relevant search engine results.

Editor X is designed for agencies and web design professionals and provides them with a tailored editing experience. Editor X also allows website owners to grant roles and permission and create collaborative workspaces.

how to use wix editor x
Editor X

wix builder

Editor X vs Wix: What’s The Difference Between the Two?

Although there are a lot of similarities between Wix and Editor X, both serve different purposes. Wix is designed for users wanting to create a website easily. Editor X still offers easy website design, but it is intended for professional agencies wishing to add bespoke elements to the website.

Both are valuable tools when creating a website, but an overview of how Editor X compares against the Wix website builder is as follows.

Editor X vs Wix. Responsive Design

Both Wix and Editor X allow users to create mobile-friendly websites. However, Editor X allows for more control when creating breakpoints, which ensures that the website can be optimised for different devices perfectly.

Editor X Responsive Design
Editor X Responsive

Wix is renowned for responsive design, so those using the Wix web builder can be confident of responsive mobile and desktop user experiences. However, those searching for more flexibility and accuracy will find that Editor X is worth consideration.

Team Working Is Made Easier With Editor X

Wix is perfect for those creating a small website on their own. However, if you plan to collaborate with several professionals, then Editor X will allow this without using the same login details.

Team Working With Editor X
Editor X Teamwork

As Editor X is aimed at agencies and developers, website owners can set several permissions for each role.

Editor X vs Wix. Applications and Extensions

Although Wix and Editor X offer different approaches to web design, they share the same applications and extensions. Unfortunately, there can be instances when some apps and extensions are not compatible with Editor X.

Applications Editor X
Wix App

This is likely to change over time but is something to be mindful of if considering switching from the main Wix web editor to Editor X.

Editor X Provides Professional Web Development Tools

Wix is geared toward users who want to create a website without learning to code. Editor X still provides a simple interface but with tools that developers can use to improve aspects of the website.

what is wix editor x
Editor X Development Tools

Editor X vs Wix. Pricing

One of the confusing aspects when choosing between Editor X and Wix is the price. Both website builders provide a monthly option, but Editor X is more expensive. It is also worth noting that only the Wix website builder provides users with a free option, although this is very limited.

The pricing of both the Wix website builder and Editor X will depend on your location, and each platform has different membership tiers available. The following is an overview of the tiers in the United Kingdom for each website editor.

What Wix Premium Plans are Available?

The following is an overview of the Wix premium plans. Website owners should note that the Connect Domain and Combo options are designed for small website owners, so they will not be the best fit for businesses.

Fortunately, the suitable options are still affordable and offer excellent value for money with a wide range of extra extras, including professional tools and expert customer service.

Connect Domain:

£4.00 per month.


£7.50 per month.


£11.00 per month.


£21.00 per month.

VIP customers can also enjoy additional extras like professional logo design and priority customer care. However, the VIP package is designed with large websites in mind, so it may not be the best fit for small businesses or sole traders, even considering the additional features.

You will need an eCommerce solution if you plan to sell products online. The following is an overview of the different business and eCommerce tiers of using the Wix platform.

Business Basic:

£15.00 per month.

Business Unlimited:

£20.00 per month.

Business VIP:

£27.00 per month.

Editor X Premium Plans

Even though the Wix platform is designed with beginners in mind, users will be amazed at the many choices available, especially given the affordable price. However, those wanting to enter CSS, create breakpoints or enlist the services of a professional web designer will need a plan that uses Editor X.


£15.00 per month.


£24.00 per month.


£35.00 per month.

There are several options available for eCommerce users, depending on the size of their store.


£20.00 per month.


£45.00 per month.


£150.00 per month.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Editor X?

In the Editor X vs Wix competition, a direct comparison of the pros and cons of each of the platforms is indispensable.



Flexible Customisation Options.

Limited Templates Available.

Advanced Design Features.

Not for Beginners.

Easily Add Custom Code.

Not Available in Multiple Languages.

Perfect for Professionals.

Can Be Very Expensive for Some.

Pros and Cons of Wix Website Builder

Like Editor X, the Wix website builder may not be the best fit for everyone. However, comparing the pros and cons allows you to make an informed decision when creating a website.



Good Website Speed.

Non-Interchangeable Templates.

Wide Choice of Templates.

No fine tuning of the site.

Use Apps to Enhance Experience.

Website Cannot Be Transferred.

Plenty of Support.

Free and Connect Domain Plan Use Wix Branding.

Can I Transfer My Wix Site to Editor X?

The Wix website builder is ideal for those learning to create a website or those with little time for web design. However, website owners will often require professional input as the website grows.

Despite the flexibility of the Wix website builder, professional developers will require access to additional tools, like Editor X. Those who have created their website using Wix may feel they need to start again, but this is not the case.

Not only can a Wix website be transferred to Editor X in most instances, but the former version will remain active until the new website is ready to launch.

Unfortunately, only templates compatible with Editor X will be transferred. As such, further coding may be required in some instances.

Here at Davydov Consulting, we understand the frustrations of such instances. This is why we’re happy to proactively take control of the design process and carry out any website transfers on your behalf.

Editor X vs Wix: Making the Right Decision Regarding Your Online Goals

One of the reasons so many can become confused when choosing between the standard Wix website builder and Editor X is not being aware of how each platform can benefit them.

We at Davydov Consulting have been helping customers create their online vision with Wix for several years.

what is the difference between wix and editor x

As well as establishing which platform best fits your needs, we can also ensure that a website is transferred without issue.

If you are currently considering using Wix to create a website and want to ensure it is performing at its best, then why not get in touch to discuss your project in more detail?

Editor X vs Wix FAQ

What is Wix Editor X?

Editor X is a powerful website editor that was developed by Wix for designers and agencies. Editor X has advanced tools for editing websites as well as working with code.

Can you transfer the Wix site to Editor X?

Yes, it is possible. Wix provides the ability to switch from the standard editor to Editor X. Unfortunately, not all content and settings can be transferred, but Wix is working on improving this feature.

What is the difference between Wix and Editor X?

The main difference between these two tools is the number of tools for customization and fine-tuning in favour of Editor X. And also Editor X is paid.

How to use Wix Editor X?

The principle of Editor X is not much different from the work of Wix: you choose the appropriate plan, create a new site or connect an existing project. Work in the interface itself will already be radically different since Editor X is designed for web development professionals.

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