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Compare Website Builders: Wix vs WordPress

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Wordpress Site Builder

Regardless of the type of business you own, creating an online identity is vital for those wanting to maximise their earning potential. Fortunately, there are ways of creating a website without spending a fortune.

Both Wix and WordPress have found favour among the masses thanks to a multitude of apps, plugins, and themes. But which platform is the best website builder?

The following is an overview of the both website builders and an overview of the pros and cons associated with each by Davydov Consulting team.

What Are the Differences Between Wix and WordPress?

Both platforms are designed to build websites easily, and both achieve this. However, some differences between Wix and WordPress need to be considered to ensure you have complete creative control when building a website.

To truly understand the difference between the two website builders, it can be helpful to break down the features of each and compare the two. This will ensure that when choosing a platform, it will be able to provide all the elements needed.

Does Wix and WordPress Require Hosting?

Wix is a hosted website platform. This means that Wix takes care of the hosting for a monthly fee, and there is no option to outsource this hosting.

WordPress offers users two variants. The free version is hosted at and is similar to Wix in that it is self-hosted. However, the free version is a better fit for beginners rather than businesses.

For businesses and professionals to get the most from WordPress, it is advisable to use the self-hosted version.

WordPress will need to be installed on the hosting provider servers, and the completion of the website could require some coding and installation of apps. It will also be the website owner's responsibility to ensure the website is secure.

Ease of Use

Wix Website Builder

Wix offers an intuitive interface that is also easy to use. Drag and drop functionality is the platform's focus, meaning that there is no need to learn code when creating an online presence. WordPress can require some coding and therefore has a steeper learning curve when designing websites.

This means that Wix is the best platform among those searching for ease of use when using a website builder.

Creative Control

Wix offers over 800 templates, so finding the right fit is rarely a chore when using the platform. However, the creative control on offer from Wix does pale in comparison to that of WordPress.

Not only is there an endless choice of themes, but those with coding knowledge can use WordPress to create a bespoke website at an affordable price.

Those looking for complete control over every aspect of their website or those who are unsure of what theme to settle with will find that WordPress is a good choice, although it will require some coding skills in some instances.

Wix Or WordPress for Apps and Plugins?

So many people can create a website with ease using Wix and WordPress due to the abundance of apps and plugins available on both platforms.

Apps and plugins available with the Wix website builder offer little customisation but ensure that there is never any unexpected behaviour, making them perfect for newcomers.

Those who are more experienced with website builders will enjoy the flexibility WordPress offers regarding customisation. However, those who are inexperienced could have some difficulties when getting some apps and plugins to operate.

There is also the risk of some apps becoming outdated because they've not been updated, which could affect the integrity and working of the website. Although professional users can quickly remedy this, those building a website for the first time could find it too overwhelming.

The Best Ecommerce Solution

Those wanting to create an e-commerce store using a website builder will find that Wix and WordPress are fantastic for creating an online presence, albeit in different ways.

Wix has plenty of sales features that are perfect for small businesses. However, those wanting to sell a lot of stock will find that WordPress is the better fit.

Which Website Builder is Best for Blogging?

Both website builders offer features that allow users to blog with ease. The Wix website builder supports categories tagging and provides access to a free media library.

WordPress supports categories, tagging, and other features not available with Wix, including featured images and post backdating. As such, the WordPress website builder is the better fit for bloggers.

The Best Solution for Search Engine Optimisation?

Wordpress app

Although many websites will often require a professional touch regarding search engine optimisation, there are some steps that website owners can take to help the process along. As such, those wanting to be found online will want to ensure the website builder being used is the right fit for SEO.

Wix offers users straightforward SEO that allows for easy optimisation, and additional features are available with other plans. Some of the premium features include Site Booster, an app that can help businesses find traction in the local area.

WordPress also offers plenty of options for SEO. As well as dedicated themes, there are also plenty of apps that help users create content and maintain their local rankings. The use of apps can incur a cost, so that the options can vary depending on your budget.

When creating a website, those focused on SEO will find both platforms offer plenty of options regarding SEO, so promoting a site online with either is possible.

Which Website Builder Requires the Most Maintenance?

Those building a website for the first time may be under the impression that the website only has to be made to be successful, but the maintenance can be an ongoing task.

Maintenance can come in several forms. In some instances, it may involve security updates, whereas other maintenance could be required to fix faults with the website.

The Wix platform is closed to developers, so updates and maintenance are carried out on your behalf. Because WordPress offers more flexibility, more maintenance is required, both for the platform and the apps and themes.

Which Platform Offers the Best Support?

Although experienced users rarely need to use support, those creating a website for the first time will want assurances that support is in place should it be required. Both Wix and WordPress website builders offer plenty of support, albeit in different ways.

The support available from Wiz comes in the guise of a dedicated support team who can offer support via telephone and email. There are also plenty of tutorials to help newcomers get started with their online endeavours.

WordPress also offers plenty of support, but there is no dedicated support. This means that WordPress users will need to navigate the forum to find the solution they're searching for, meaning finding a solution promptly could be frustrating.

If support is important to you, you will find that Wix is the right website builder.

How Much Will I Pay?

Both WordPress and Wix will involve some cost for the most part. Wix has several plans, including a free option, so finding the right fit for your budget shouldn't be an issue. The straightforward pricing also makes it easy to budget for a project, although some apps and plugins could still incur a cost.

WordPress also offers users a free option, but this is better suited to bloggers than those running a business. The amount paid when using WordPress will depend on several factors, including the hosting company used, the price of the theme and the overall cost of the apps.

As well as the themes and apps, you may also need to enlist the services of a professional to create content and optimise the website when using both platforms.

Running a business in a cost-effective manner is possible with WordPress, but Wix offers more clarity regarding pricing.

Should I Use Wix or WordPress?

make decision

When searching for a website builder there are many factors to consider. Both offer enough features for a business to get started online. However, there are pros and cons associated with each. The following is a summary of what each website builder offers.

Pros of The Wix Website Builder

  • Affordable

  • Easy to Use

  • Plenty of Themes

  • Faultless Plugins

  • Plenty of Support

  • Sufficient SEO Features

  • Mobile Editor Allows Users to Optimise Website for Smartphones

Cons of the Wix Website Builder

  • Not Enough Customisation for Experience Users

  • Not Ideal for Large Corporations

  • Mobile Websites Aren't Automatically Responsive

Pros of the WordPress Website Builder

  • Perfect for Experienced Webmasters

  • Plenty of Customisation Options

  • Create Ecommerce Stores for Large Corporations

  • The Perfect Fit for Blogging

Cons of the WordPress Website Builder

  • Unclear Pricing

  • Can Require a Lot of Maintenance

  • Finding Answers to Problems Could be Time-Consuming

  • Not Ideal for First-Time Users

  • Steep Learning Curve

It should be noted that some further research may be needed to find the best fit. Still, the information listed should give businesses a better idea of the available options and how easy it can be to create a professional brand online. If you need the help of professionals. You can always contact Davydov Consulting. Our wix designers and wordrpess developers can combine thier technical and creative expertise to bring you outstanding website.

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