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Advanced SMS Automation with Wix

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

automatic SMS to messengers

How to Configure It?

Not only does Wix make it easier for professionals to create a website quickly, but it also offers a multitude of features that make conversing with customers and clients quickly.

In the past, a business may not have been able to make the best use of its time because of the time it took to compose and send messages to customers. Sending mass SMS was also expensive.

Fortunately, automation is part of the modern-day workflow. Advancements in SMS automation are another helpful feature from Wix that allows a business to make the most of its time.

Why Use SMS Automations?

Given how many methods are available to stay in touch with customers and clients, some may feel that the use of SMS automation pales to that of other digital communications, but this isn’t the case.

Using a mobile device to make a purchase is commonplace. However, a business that chooses to send an automated SMS enhances the purchase and allows a company more cross-selling opportunities.

Factors to Consider Before Creating an SMS Automation

The type of plan used will dictate how many SMS messages can be sent. The following is an overview of the number of messages allowed with each Wix plan.

  • Basic: 10 Automated Messages Per Month.

  • Plus: 200 Automated Messages Per Month.

  • Premier Plan: 10,000 Messages Per Month.

If you are unsure how many messages will be needed, it may be worthwhile reaching out to a professional. As well as giving you a better idea of expected traffic, a website design company can also ensure other aspects of your online identity are managed correctly.

Add sms automation to Wix

How To Create a New SMS Automation

Several tasks can be automated via the user dashboard. To create new SMS automation, click New Automation and give it a title. This helps users track their automation and actions following a trigger event.

Create A Trigger Event

A Trigger Event is an automatic response to an action carried out on the website. Trigger Events can be set up using several Wix apps, including the following:

  • Wix Forms

  • Price Quotes

  • Invoices

  • Wix Stores

  • Workflows

  • Member’s Area

  • Pricing Plan

  • Mobile App

  • Bookings

  • Inbox & Chat

  • Visitors

  • Wix Events

Each app will have its own set of triggers. For example, within the Wix Forms app, a user can receive an automated SMS when a customer submits an enquiry form.

After a Trigger has been selected, users need to click Send SMS and then compose a message that will be forwarded to customers and clients following the activation of a Trigger Event.

What Else Can Be Done with Trigger Events

In addition to SMS Automations, users can also add a Follow-Up action, allowing for multi-step automation, but will require an Ascend Plan. There are three plans to choose from that allow for different iterations of multistep automation.

If you do not want to configure it by yourself. You can always ask professionals for help. Davydov Consulting has several years of experience in all aspects of wix website design and Velo Code development, including SMS automation. If you want to streamline your communication efforts and fine-tune your website, why not contact Davydov Consulting to discuss your requirements.


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