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Professional website developer cost in UK

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Professional website developer cost in UK

In 2021 the task of building a website is now faced with an often overwhelming plethora of options that enable you to take the reins and have more control over how your website is designed and by whom.

Whilst it may seem daunting for some, many will choose to go on to use a website builder that will guide them through the step by step process of using templates and Apps to design their own website. In addition to this website builders usually come with numerous hosting options for you to choose from, that often include 24 hour support and online tutorials amongst a vast range of tools for analytics, marketing, tracking plus more to help generate more traffic on site, and to help increase your conversions across the board whether it be sales, to generate leads and more.

Website Developer vs Website Builder vs Content Management Systems?

In cases where your website requirements may need to coded from scratch. Usually experienced website developer costs in the UK can range between £1000 up to 10,000+ and more.

However, before you many any final longstanding decisions, it is always best to be aware of the various pros and cons out there. Especially, when it comes to using professional website developers, website builders and content management systems.

Firstly, we know that website developer costs in the UK can vary depending on your sites necessities. Some developers may suggest that you use a template and then for it to be edited / coded further in order to meet your requirements and specifications, helping to reduce your overall costs, if they have to work in line with your set budget – where necessary.

If that is the case then, website builder Wix, is a fantastic platform with over 200+ million users to date and 800+ free platforms not including the 1000s of premium templates that are available. Wix is also the perfect platform for those wanting to have a go at building a website themselves, or wanting to reduce website developer costs by using both it templates and a web developer to partially code the rest and also save themselves some time.

Wordpress website developers may suggest that you use a powerful content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress which is an open source platform that uses both PHP and MySQL, whilst also enabling those without any programming knowledge to create their own websites.


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