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Own designer vs Freelance Designer vs Agency

Updated: Aug 16, 2023


Web Design Freelancer

In web design, a freelancer is a self-employed professional who creates websites for paid clients. As nobody employs them, they have their own rates, and therefore they can set their own prices, enabling them to be more competitive. They also get to choose which clients they work for and how many they may take on at any given time.

Freelancer Pros

Usually, the most cost-effective option, freelancers, are great for those on a budget and for smaller businesses that are just starting out and have generated little to no income. Another advantage is that there is very little commitment, so you are not always tied into lengthy contracts.

Freelancer Cons

Whilst using a freelancer is the most affordable option. The lack of commitment can often be risky as the freelancer could disappear at any time or delay the project for any given reason. However, with this in mind, it is always best to research your chosen freelancers before making any final decisions. Not only looking at their portfolios but reviews and feedback from people they have worked with.

In House Designer

In House Designer

In-House Designer Pros

Whilst using a freelancer may be the cheapest solution for a short-term project. If you are looking for a full-time web designer to develop your website, it might be worth hiring a full-time in-house designer as it will be more cost-effective in the long run.

Not only are they available when needed, but you are also not charged for every amendment that must be made to your website. An in-house designer will also get to know your customer's clients, brand and core values, helping to implement them as you continue to develop your website.

In-House Designer Cons

You now have another employee that makes up part of your team. With this comes a variety of responsibilities. For example, you have to ensure that they are paid at least the minimum wage and that the necessary work contracts and paperwork have been put in place whilst also factoring in holiday pay, sick pay etc. These are additional medium to long-term costs that you will need to consider.

Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency Pros

Agencies are great! They attend to your needs as a client by assigning you a project manager. They may also have access to a graphic designer that can help you to add creative elements such as Ads and imagery to your website, giving it an extra layer. They may also have a marketing team that can help you to generate leads and traffic and increase sales following the launch of your website. Ultimately you will receive a quality product, but the price can be the main reason people seek to have the websites developed elsewhere.

Web Design Agency Cons

An agency will usually break down the costs of a website before you give them the final sign-off for them to begin. However, along the way, you may find additional functionalities or amendments you may wish to make, and these are often charged per hour or fixed. Resulting in unexpected costs.

In-house Designer vs Agency. What to choose?

If you decide who to prefer, an in-house designer or a freelancer, you should clearly define what you expect to receive. The amount of work that is breaded also matters.

Remember Web Design Agencies because you get a comprehensive package of services that individual specialists cannot provide.

Contact us for a consultation, and we will answer all your questions.

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