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Updated: Jan 8

If you've ever built a website or are looking for a trustworthy website builder, Wix has probably come up in your search. Wix is a fantastic platform for creating websites, blogs, portfolios, and landing pages for both personal and professional use. It is especially perfect for small businesses, creatives, and beginners who wish to easily set up their own attractive websites that convert visitors to customers. The only question left, is how to improve SEO on Wix.

Wix is the best builder if you want one that is easy to use, packed with features, and gives you a lot of creative freedom. Wix is also a great platform to promote your products and services thanks to built-in SEO tools.

How to SEO Wix

How to SEO Wix?

If you're reading this, you probably already know what SEO is, but if not, I'll explain it to you before we get to the meat of the article.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization." It involves directing unpaid, natural, or organic search results from search engines to a website or webpage in order to increase traffic. Searches for images, academic articles, videos, news, etc., that are specifically geared toward certain industries may be the source of this traffic.

Why SEO is important for a website may be something you're wondering. Well, wonder no more. The goal of SEO is to improve your website's ranking on search engine results pages. Remember that people are more likely to visit websites that are higher up on the list.

How to Optimize SEO on Wix?

The Wix SEO The Wiz tool, a component of the Wix platform, was developed to help website owners optimize their SEO on Wix. By answering a brief series of inquiries about your website, where it’s located, and what keywords it uses, you can obtain an SEO strategy.


In recent years, Wix has significantly improved its platform from an SEO standpoint, so small businesses building a site that is typically localized shouldn’t have trouble ranking high simply because they are using Wix. You won't be constrained by Wix if you can rank your website on Google by combining clever keyword research, excellent content, link-building, and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

For those looking for how to optimize SEO on Wix, you should know Wix offers a number of SEO features. Here is a helpful quick-reference checklist you can use to review these features:

  • Templates that are compatible with mobile devices.

  • Edit the H1 - H5 tags.

  • Implementing structured data markup.

  • Ability to change the title tags and meta descriptions.

  • SEO trends for default settings on different pages.

  • Set up distinctive page URLs.

  • Assembles data.

  • Add HTTPS.

  • Integration of Google Analytics with Search Console.

  • All image ALT descriptions are editable.

  • 301 redirects are carried out.

  • Shows canonical tags.

  • Accessibility of an XML sitemap and robots.txt.

Of course, these are all merely features, and in order to improve your SEO on the Wix site, you must know how to make the most of them.

Seo optimization for wix site



The first direction on how to improve your SEO on Wix web pages is to conduct extensive research to determine which key terms your target audience and customers use to search for businesses like yours.

There are many free and paid tools for researching keywords in your niche. Creating a relevant semantic core (systematized keywords collected in a common group) requires an understanding of the work of search engines and your own target audience, which is why there are also many expert services for the primary SEO optimization of Wix websites.



As I mentioned before, the Wix platform includes the Wix SEO tool, which is a great way for beginners to start optimizing their sites in less than 10 minutes, and the best part is, it’s totally free to use!

How to improve SEO on Wix with the Wix wiz tool is to first set it up. To do this, go o to the settings menu on Wix, and click on "Get Found on Google." A series of questions will pop up; after answering them, you’ll receive your own unique SEO strategy that you can follow, along with a list of tasks to go through. Having passed this step, you lay the foundation for future SEO optimization, and outline the main features by which your customers will be able to find you on the network.


We all know the frustration inherent in trying to read on a site that isn’t designed for mobile devices. How to improve SEO on Wix includes optimization for mobile devices, which makes the website easy to use regardless of how or where the site is being accessed from.


Because mobile friendliness is a ranking factor used by Google, and most people access sites using their mobile devices, site responsiveness on a phone is essential. Wix online builder is perfect for creating a responsive website as it has all the necessary tools. You will find more information on how to create a responsive site on Wix in our article “How to Make Wix Website Responsive”.


Google Analytics is a tool that gathers information from apps and websites to provide reports that give you insights into how well your site is holding up. For the purpose of SEO and marketing, it offers statistics and basic analytical tools.

To apply Google Analytics to your website, you must register for the platform and obtain your tracking code. You can then link it to Wix by going to the marketing integrations menu. Once this is done, the Google Analytics dashboard should start to show your stats tracking.


Google Search Console, on the other hand, provides you with the tools and data to measure the search traffic and performance of your site, address problems, and improve its visibility in Google search results.

To set up Google Search Console, go to the platform and type your domain name into the URL prefix box. You will be given a choice to verify using an HTML tag after tapping continue.

Copy this tag, then go to the SEO tab in the settings section of your Wix site’s dashboard. Here, you will see an option to add header code meta tags. Click on it and paste the tag you copied.

Hit publish, then return to the search console and click verify. You’re done. Yes, It’s that easy.


Another answer for how to improve SEO on Wix is to consistently publish high-quality content on your website or blog. Your search engine ranking can be improved by creating backlinks from these contents.


High-quality content, however, goes far beyond traffic and backlinks to increase your blog's popularity. Readers who arrive at your website through Google search will benefit from improved search results.

Blogging is by far one of the easiest ways for small businesses to leverage content marketing. The good news is that Wix comes with blogging features as a standard.

For creators of unique content, Wix provides a rich set of blog customization options.

  • Powerful text editor.

  • Ability to add images, videos, animations, buttons, as well as embedded code.

  • Fine-tuning the sides and headers.

  • Adding sections, categories, tags, and authors.

  • Comments.

  • Advanced customization of meta tags and markup.


The internal and external links add context and significance to search results, which is beneficial to users that find your Wix website using Google search. Because of this, both links are highly valued by Google.

Internal links lead users to different pages on the same website, and a proper internal linking strategy can show the topical significance between different pages and can pass PageRank to important pages on your website—doing this will greatly impact how to improve your SEO on Wix.


Any good website needs a sitemap because they give users a road map of things to expect when they arrive and also gives webmasters a means to monitor user activity. A sitemap also offers visitors navigation, which is important given the number of people who can come to your site each day.

Sitemaps are crucial if you want to know how to improve SEO on Wix since they give you a quick visual of your website's structure and aid in the more effective indexing of your website by search engines.

You don’t have to be concerned about how Google will index your Wix sitemap because your Wix account is submitted to Google after you’ve linked it to the search engine.

Overview of Wix SEO tools

Seo wiz from Wix is essential but not the only tool for setting up your site and optimizing SEO. Wix site owners get access to fine-tuning each page of their site, as well as detailed analytics. The most important SEO tools from Wix will be discussed below.

Wix SEO tools

SEO Setup Checklist

This is the SEO wiz that you already know about. SEO wiz is a list of key questions that shape your online presence:

  • Business name.

  • Country.

  • A few keywords that characterize your business.

  • Title and description of the main page.

  • Text for the main page.

  • Setting up pages for mobile search.

  • Connect to a domain (if possible) and connect to Google services.

You can also find out if the rest of your pages meet the basic SEO requirements.

Wix SEO Setup Checklist

SEO settings

In this section, you will find the ability to fine-tune the pages of your site.

  • Automate the metadata filling.

  • Setting up the indexing of the site, individual sections, or pages.

  • Blog settings.

In the SEO settings, you can set the rules for individual groups of pages without editing each page.

Wix SEO settings

URL Redirect Manager

Another important tool for working with the site. This setting will help you redirect a visitor from a deleted / irrelevant page to a more appropriate intent. For example, you decide to get rid of the old section on the site, so it is no longer relevant, but this page was popular on the network. How to remove an extra page without losing visitors? Add a redirect to the main page or a similar section to this page, and your visitors from the search will be automatically redirected to another page.

Wix URL Redirect Manager

Site Inspection

As the name implies, we have a convenient site analyzer that will help you identify the main problems on the pages. Site Inspector allows you to monitor for issues that may affect their ranking in Google search results, namely:

  • Page indexing.

  • Convenient pages for mobile devices.

  • Markup performance.

  • Any errors may affect the site's display in the search engine.

This tool helps keep your site healthy. You can set up automatic site crawling or do it manually if necessary.

Wix Site Inspection

Site Verification

A handy tool that helps you connect your site to popular services such as Google Search Console, Pinterest, Bing Webmaster Center, Yandex Webmaster, Naver Webmaster Tools, and Pinterest.

You will be able to track your visitors' activity and the site's success in search engines.

Wix Site Verification

Sitemaps and Robots.txt Editor

In this section, you can create and customize two important text files for your site. The sitemap contains the addresses of all pages and media files on your site, which helps search bots find them. Robots.txt sets specific behavior rules for search bots and can both prohibit scanning certain sections or pages and opening them.

As you can see, Wix's internal SEO tools allow you to carry out your own search engine optimization of the site and easily keep all pages clean.

Wix Robots.txt Editor

How to do SEO on Wix

Wix remains a dependable option for small businesses looking to create their own website. Although from an SEO standpoint, it may not be the most sophisticated platform, there are worse places to start your company’s online adventure.

how to do seo on wix

The Wix website builder makes it easy to create websites on your own and is great for beginners, but if you want to build complex and unique websites, you'll need the professional help of Wix designers.


How to improve SEO on Wix?

Search engine optimization of a site on the Wix platform is not much different from SEO for any other site. You should work out a clear and logical site structure, research your niche keywords, care for quality and exciting content, and get as many quality sites linking to your pages as possible.

Why Wix is bad for SEO?

Once, it was believed that Wix was not very convenient for full-fledged SEO optimization. Now the Wix platform offers many opportunities and tools for search engine optimization that are equal to any other platforms. In addition, it is a well-known fact that Google does not prioritize any of the CMS.

How to set up SEO on Wix?

Wix is constantly adding new SEO optimization tools: SEO Setup Checklist, SEO settings, URL Redirect Manager, Site Inspection, Site Verification, Sitemaps, and Robots.txt Editor. These tools are constantly improving, making Wix even more SEO friendly.

How much does Wix SEO cost?

Search engine optimization of a Wix site is not much different from SEO for any other platforms, so the choice of CMS does not affect the price. The cost of SEO, in general, depends on the required number of pages, the difficulty of the niche, and the goals set. You can learn more about Wix's SEO cost from the consultation.


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