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How to Build a Multilingual Wix Website

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

multilingual websites

The are many roles a website performs online, but one of the most important is the information it offers.

Given how many websites serve customers' needs worldwide, it should come as no surprise that professionals are searching for ways to maximise their exposure to global customers.

Fortunately, those using Wix to create a website will find that creating a multilingual website is

more accessible than first thought. However, there are some factors to consider before creating a multilingual site which is as follows.

What Languages Will Be Used?

Before proceeding with any translation, a business must determine what languages the content will be displayed in.

Deciding on additional languages or making changes during the process could mean it takes longer than it should translate to the website.

How Will Content Be Translated?

When displaying content in several languages, website owners can use current content or create new content. Each has pros and cons, so deciding beforehand can help determine which approach is the most beneficial.

Creating new content ensures no context is lost when relaying information but can be time-consuming and expensive in some instances.

Implementing third-party apps like Google Translate means content can be automatically translated on the website. Still, it can risk losing context, meaning the content may not connect with the audience.

Ascertain Your SEO Requirements

When offering content to a different audience, a business also must factor in its search habit. Searches will likely be done in the native language, so keyword research may be required for translated content.

Consider Visual Updates

When translating a website, it is not only the text that needs attention. Photographs should show requisite images that reflect the culture of the audience. Attention to detail ensures that there is more momentum acquired with international visitors.


Adding and Setting Up Wix Multilingual

Setting Up Wix Multilingual

Wix Multilingual can be added to a website in several ways. The following explains how to add the feature from Wix Editor, Editor X, The Wix App Market, and the Wix dashboard.

Wix Editor

  • Select Settings

  • Select Multilingual

  • Select Get Started

  • Select Change under My Site Is Written In to set the primary language.

Select I Want to Translate Into and choose a secondary language. Additional languages can be added later.

You can then choose to hide or show your second language. Those carrying out work on the site may hide it until the content is finalized.

The last step is to choose how the site will be translated. Google Translate is a default setting that can be set manually.

The site's content will be automatically translated when Google Translate is enabled. When disabled, website owners can upload their own translated content.

Editor X

Editor X is a platform created by Wix for agencies and designers and efficiently translates a Wix website. To solve a website using Editor X, use the following steps.

  • Select Add +

  • Select Multilingual

  • Select Add to Site

  • Select Get Started

From here, users can choose their primary and secondary language and determine where Google Translate will be used.

App Market

  • Select Apps Icon

  • Search for Wix Multilingual

  • Select Add to Site

  • Select Get Started

Site Dashboard

  • Select Settings

  • Select Language & Region

  • Add Wix Multilingual

  • Click Add Multilingual by Site Language Menu

  • Select Go to Editor

  • Select Add to Site

Creating the Wix Multilingual Site

Creating the Wix Multilingual Site

Once a business has translated its content, the next step is to create a site that can be easily translated.

Log in to Wix and select Settings from the top menu to start. Click on Multilingual, followed by Get Started. This will allow you to select the language's content, followed by the primary language on the website will be displayed in.

Click Next, followed by Start Now, to begin the content translation on the website.

Customizing the Wix Website

To ensure international users get most of the website, customization can be carried out to draw attention to the menu used to transition between the different languages.

To do this, click Manage Menu at the top of the editor, and you can choose from different colors and accents to ensure all can see the menu.

Other Ways of Translating Content Using Wix

There are many reasons why Wix is popular, but its choice of apps can be considered one of the most attractive aspects of Wix.

With so many apps available, it should come as no surprise that several apps can aid with the translation of content, including but not limited to the following.


Many apps are available that help translate a Wix website, but Weglot takes a different approach regarding translation. As well as using services like Google Translate and Yandex for translation, the app could also help ensure that the SEO elements are the best.

The app detects all content, and all menus, widgets, headers, and sidebars can be translated from a core interface. There are also over 100 different languages available.

Those working with small volumes of content and few languages will find that the app can be beneficial, but those wanting to achieve the full benefit of Weglot may find that it becomes expensive.

For example, a Starter account averages $10.00, allowing 10,000 words and one translated language. The Advanced monthly package allows 1,000,000 words in 10 translated languages.


BLEND is a localization provider formally known as OneHourTranslation. As an official partner of Wix, many are using BLEND for their translation endeavors.

Details are uploaded to the BLEND website, allowing professional translation and editing. However, those with a smaller budget may need to rely on standard translation, which can still be expensive.

Are There Other Options Regarding the Building of a Wix Multilingual Site

Although plenty of options are available when translating a Wix site, they may not always offer the features some are looking for.

Furthermore, a lot of time can be involved, regardless of whether you’re building a Wix site for the first time or updating a current site.

In many instances, it can be cost-effective to outsource the task to a professional third party. As well as having experience regarding website design, a professional will also be experienced with the different translation methods available and look to implement them as soon as possible.

Not only does this ensure that the website's creation moves faster, but so does the search engine optimization.

There can be a lot of factors to consider when building a multilingual website, and in some instances, further research may be needed. However, taking time to ascertain your requirements beforehand ensures that the overall task can be completed quickly.


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