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Davydov Consulting weighs in on the best website builder for individuals and businesses

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Davydov Consulting weighs in on the best website builder for individuals and businesses

Davydov Consulting takes the lead in helping individuals and businesses with a helpful guide in choosing the best website builder that could make them stand out from the competition.

Davydov Consulting, based in Shoreditch in London, is one of the fastest-growing web design and consultancy agencies in the United Kingdom, has weighed in on the top website builders individuals and businesses could count on.

Davydov Consulting has performed thorough research based on the 200 sites it created in 2020-2021, and more than 800 it has assisted.

The company has narrowed down the list to two of the most popular platforms available on the Internet today – Wix Editor X and Elementor.

Top design consultant, says both website builders share some similarities, such as the ability to build a website without the need to have any coding experience, which is especially good for those who wish to develop a website without the use of a designer.

Both website builders have drag and drop functionalities, Oleg adds, which are perfect for those with less experience who want to easily create a professional-looking website that includes images and videos, among other possibilities all accessible at a click of the mouse.

However, one of their main differences is that Elementor is a WordPress website builder plugin that “delivers high-end page designs and advanced capabilities, never before seen on WordPress,” while Wix is a comprehensive website builder in itself.

While Elementor has an excellent user interface that is easy to get head around and navigate, Oleg says support is not always available as fast as needed.

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On the other hand, Wix offers a responsive design site that can be set up in minutes. Oleg says Wix provides users with access to a suite of powerful tools and functionality, resulting in a platform that has everything available in one place.

However, unlimited bandwidth and storage options are not available for any of the Wix plans.

Wix editor has over 800+ templates available to choose from, while the Elementor Pro boasts some 300+ templates.

In terms of pricing, Wix has a free option available. If professional features are needed, it is possible to upgrade an account to access certain e-commerce, tracking, and analytics features.

Meanwhile, to benefit from Elementor PROs website builder functionality, WordPress hosting is needed, which comes at a cost. However, the Elementor basic builder offers everything needed to get started for free (Ads included), minus any professional tools that can go on to upgrade to if needed.

Between the two, Oleg asserts that Editor X secures a significant edge as it provides the ability to create powerful websites with advanced design capabilities by using features of the plugin itself and the flexibility of code.

Oleg says it is a great pick for all, especially those new to web design due to its seamless, user-friendly interface and built-in features.

Wix Editor X is a great choice for those just starting and do not possess extensive technical knowledge but have an eye for design and want to have a professional site online in hours with near to zero technical setups,” explains Oleg.

Oleg says Wix Editor X is also an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of the Velo Code. Elementor would best suit more experienced web designers for more complicated tasks. The decision on which to choose should be based on skills and requirements.

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