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Dynamic web page - What It Is

If you know anything about website design and website development, you will know that there are certainly no shortage of options out there for you to choose from. For example, there are static websites and these contain information that needs to be changed by you. The content on a static website will not change on its own accord and needs to be edited by someone. A lot of websites are static and you will have used many static websites yourself. It means that the information is the same for everyone who views the page, regardless of who they are or where they are. However, there are also dynamic websites and these differ in a notable way.

Understanding Dynamic Web Pages

The information on a dynamic web page changes depending who is viewing the page. This is the opposite of a static web page. For example, a dynamic web page will continuously update to show an accurate visitor count. Similarly, it can automatically translate the content into another language to ensure the user is able to understand the content. A dynamic web page ensures visitors are always presented with relevant and up to date information. A lot of different factors can change the information displayed on a dynamic web page such as the time of day, the time zone and the language of the user.

Why Would You Select a Dynamic Web Page?

You Need to Access a Database or External File - A web page must be dynamic if you need it to access further information, such as that found in a database or external file. Google is a dynamic web page, as it uses a number of different resources to find source information related to a search.

You Need Regularly Updated Content - If you have a web page that needs updating frequently, a dynamic web page is preferable. This makes it a lot easier to update information online, which is ideal if a lot of people need to add content on a regular basis. For example, a news outlet can benefit from being dynamic as individuals can submit stories and the homepage will update accordingly.

Multiple People Need to Contribute - WordPress websites and other content management solutions (CMS) use dynamic web page techniques. This makes it easy to upload content and add additional pages, without needing a firm understanding of HTML or programming. When a web page is dynamic, everything is done via an online editor.

At Davydov Consulting, we offer a wide range of web design services and this includes dynamic web pages. We understand the importance of having dynamic websites and the benefits they have. To find out more, get in touch with the Davydov Consulting team.

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