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Integration with GitHub in Wix Studio

Integration with GitHub in Wix Studio

Integration with GitHub in Wix Studio

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Integration with GitHub is a seamless process when working with Wix Studio, whether you are a Wix Studio designer, developer, or part of a Wix Studio agency. At Davydov Consulting, we facilitate this integration to ensure that your workflow is efficient and well-managed. Here is a refined breakdown of how GitHub integration benefits various roles within the Wix Studio environment:

1. Wix Studio Designer:
As a Wix Studio Designer, integrating with GitHub allows you to track changes and versions of your designs over time. You can work in your preferred IDE or use the built-in Code panel in Wix Studio. The integration supports serverless coding, enabling you to focus more on creating captivating designs and less on server management (source).

2. Wix Studio Developer:
For a Wix Studio Developer, GitHub integration is a boon. You can code directly in Wix Studio or use your favorite IDE. The process involves creating a GitHub repository for your site's code and connecting it to your Wix Studio project. Once connected, you can clone your site's repository to your local machine, write, test, and publish code for your Wix site locally. This GitHub integration also includes setting up your local environment with Git, Node, and the Wix CLI to ensure a smooth development workflow (source).

3. Wix Studio Agency:
A Wix Studio Agency can significantly benefit from GitHub integration by maintaining a well-organized version control system for all projects. This integration allows multiple developers to collaborate on projects seamlessly, track changes, and maintain a history of code versions. It's an excellent way for agencies to manage larger projects and ensure that all code is well-organized and accessible.

4. Davydov Consulting:
At Davydov Consulting, we harness the power of GitHub integration to deliver top-notch web design and development services. We guide our clients through the process of setting up Git Integration & Wix CLI, ensuring that they can easily track the development progress, write, test, and publish code for their Wix sites locally (source).

Setting Up GitHub Integration with Wix Studio:
1. Create a GitHub Repo: Begin by creating a GitHub repository to store your site's code.
2. Connect to GitHub: In Editor X, click on the GitHub Integration icon on the Velo Sidebar, then click 'Connect to GitHub' and follow the prompts to sign in to your GitHub account.
3. Install Velo GitHub App: Install the Velo GitHub app on your new repo to allow your site to communicate with GitHub.
4. Local Environment Setup: Clone your site's repo to your computer and install the Wix CLI. Ensure you have Git, Node (version 14.8 or later), and npm or yarn installed on your computer (source).

The integration of GitHub with Wix Studio not only streamlines the development process but also fosters collaboration, version control, and project management, ensuring that your projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

GitHub and Wix Studio are two robust platforms serving distinct aspects of website development. GitHub is a highly regarded version control system, extensively utilized by developers to manage and collaborate on coding projects. Conversely, Wix Studio is an intuitive website builder that enables individuals and businesses to craft beautiful websites effortlessly, without needing to code.

Advantages of Integrating GitHub with Wix Studio

Simplified development workflow

Integrating GitHub with Wix Studio streamlines the development workflow. Developers can manage code revisions through GitHub's well-known interface while designers concurrently perform visual modifications in Wix Studio. This dual-path workflow boosts productivity and promotes fluid collaboration among team members.

Version control and team collaboration

The version control features of GitHub allow developers to monitor alterations in their codebase across time. Integrating it with Wix Studio not only provides powerful version control tools but also lets users revert their site to previous states if necessary. Moreover, GitHub's collaboration functionalities enable multiple developers to simultaneously contribute to a project.

Effortless deployment

Integrating GitHub means deployments to a Wix site are straightforward. Developers simply push their code updates to GitHub, which then automatically deploys them to the Wix platform, eliminating manual uploads and ensuring the site is always up-to-date.

How to integrate GitHub with Wix Studio

  1. Setting up a GitHub repository: Begin by establishing a new GitHub repository to store your website's code. After creating it, clone the repository to your local device and integrate your Wix site files into this repository.

  2. Linking GitHub with Wix Studio: Go to the Wix Studio dashboard, access the settings menu, and choose "GitHub Integration." Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Wix site with your GitHub repository. This linkage allows direct code updates from GitHub to your Wix site.

Managing your Wix site with GitHub integration

  • Version control for Wix sites: The integration offers comprehensive version control for Wix sites, tracking alterations to the site's codebase and logging all changes, enabling easy reversions when needed.

  • Collaborative site editing: The integration allows several team members to edit a Wix site collaboratively. Using GitHub's branching feature, developers can independently develop new features or corrections, merging these changes into the main codebase upon completion.

Best practices for GitHub integration with Wix Studio

Using branches effectively

Employ GitHub's branching capability to develop new features or corrections without impacting the primary codebase, allowing safe testing and experimentation.

Committing and updating changes

Consistently commit and update your code changes to GitHub to maintain an up-to-date repository, providing all team members with the latest codebase version.

Using pull requests and conducting code reviews

Promote collaboration and quality through GitHub's pull request feature, requiring a team member to review the code before it merges into the main codebase to detect potential issues.

Leveraging advanced features and customization

  • Automation with webhooks: Utilize GitHub's webhooks for automated tasks like deploying updates to your Wix site or sending notifications for specific activities.

  • Customizing workflows: Adapt your GitHub workflow to meet your team’s requirements by setting up custom labels, milestones, and procedures to keep everyone aligned and standardize development practices.

Troubleshooting integration challenges

  1. Resolving integration issues: If integration errors occur, recheck your configurations and permissions on both GitHub and Wix Studio, ensuring necessary access for changes.

  2. Handling permission constraints: If team members struggle to push updates to the repository, confirm they have the proper permissions within both GitHub and Wix Studio.


Integrating GitHub with Wix Studio brings a host of advantages to both developers and designers, enhancing website development on the Wix platform through improved workflows, powerful version control, and collaborative capabilities.

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