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Change URL in Wix Website

Change URL in Wix Website

Change URL in Wix Website

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Navigating the intricacies of URL modification on a Wix website is pivotal for those looking to refine their digital footprint. Whether it's part of a broader website overhaul, a shift in branding strategy, or an effort to boost SEO rankings, mastering the art of URL alteration is key.

Why URL Change Matters

Boosting SEO Rankings

A significant motive for updating your Wix website's URLs is to give your SEO standings a lift. Tailoring URLs to include pertinent keywords and themes can dramatically increase your site's visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Enhancing the Visitor's Journey

Beyond the realms of SEO, modifying URLs serves to polish the user experience. Streamlined, descriptive URLs provide clarity for your visitors, guiding them through your website with ease and understanding.

Decoding Wix's URL Framework

Wix's Default URL Scheme

By default, Wix generates URLs based on your page titles or content, often leading to unwieldy and obscure web addresses. While functional, opting for a customized approach can significantly bolster your site’s navigability and aesthetic appeal.

Personalizing Your Wix URLs

Wix accords you the flexibility to sculpt your URLs, ensuring they resonate with your brand's ethos and SEO ambitions. Through the Wix Editor, personalizing your website's URLs, whether page by page or in larger swathes, becomes a breeze.

How to Update Your URL on a Wix Website

  • Leveraging the Wix Editor - Altering your Wix website's URLs is a straightforward affair with the Wix Editor. Simply head to the page in question, open the page settings, and dive into the "SEO (Google)" section to tweak the URL to your preference.

  • SEO and Redirects: A Vital Consideration - When you're revamping URLs, it's crucial to weigh the SEO implications. Deploying 301 redirects is essential to guide your audience from old URLs to the new ones without a hitch, safeguarding your search rankings and avoiding link decay.

URL Change Best Practices

  1. Strategize Your URL Framework: Before you dive into altering URLs, devise a robust plan for your URL structure. This should include a logical hierarchy and the integration of keywords to bolster SEO.

  2. Deploy 301 Redirects: Implementing 301 redirects is non-negotiable when changing URLs. This maneuver ensures search engines and users alike are directed to the new URL location seamlessly, preserving your site's authority and user experience.

  3. Refresh Your Internal Links: Subsequent to URL adjustments, it's imperative to update your site's internal links. This step is crucial for optimal search engine crawling and indexing, circumventing any issues stemming from broken links.

Pitfalls to Sidestep

Overlooking Redirect Implementation

A common blunder is the mishandling or overlooking of 301 redirects, which can erode traffic and diminish search rankings. Vigilance in setting up your redirects correctly is paramount.

Ignoring SEO Impact

Modifying URLs without a thought for SEO can jeopardize your site's search visibility. Invest time in keyword-optimizing your new URLs and ensuring seamless redirection to maintain your SEO foothold.


Revamping URLs on your Wix website stands as a cornerstone of effective website and SEO management. Through deliberate customization, diligent application of redirects, and adherence to best practices, you can elevate your site’s visibility, navigability, and overall digital efficacy.

Alt text in wix website

Alt text on Wix sites enhances accessibility and SEO. To add, select an image, click "Settings," and input a concise description under "Alt text." Aim for clear, brief, and relevant content, incorporating keywords judiciously. Avoid vague or stuffed descriptions to improve user experience and search visibility

Alt text in wix website

301 Redirect in Wix Website

Implementing 301 redirects on Wix is essential for SEO and user experience. Log into your Wix account, access 'SEO (Google)' under settings, and use the 'Manage 301 Redirects' tool to set permanent URL changes. Verify each redirect to ensure proper functioning and maintain SEO integrity

301 Redirect in Wix Website for Wix Websites

Incorporating markup on your Wix website boosts SEO by helping search engines better understand and display your content, enhancing visibility and traffic. Wix supports easy integration of various types, crucial for blogs, local businesses, e-commerce, and reviews, improving your site's presentation in search results. Regular updates and correct implementation are key to maximizing benefits and avoiding common errors for Wix Websites

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